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Your Year-Ahead Astrology Predictions for 2013 Kelly Surtees from Wellbeing magazine, Victor Olliver from The Lady magazine and Jessica Adams, host of The Astrology Show, look at the year ahead for you. If you ...
Join David Palmer in Los Angeles this month talking to his fellow astrologer Gregory Martin about Sir George Martin and the unique astrological relationship with The Beatles. David is a Yahoo-rated #1 video astrologer online and Gregory Martin has A-list clients in his L.
How do you find your twin flame using astrology? Professional astrologers Gregory Martin and Natalie Delahaye have found each other, but also found something important to share with you
Kelly's numerous columns and feature articles on Astrology, health, creativity and wellness have appeared around the globe in magazines such as The Mountain Astrologer, WellBeing Magazine, Marie Claire, New Woman, More and The Sun Herald. Kelly currently writes as 'Kosmic Kelly' on astrology.com.
The Astrology Show for December-January has April Elliott Kent (author of Practical Astrology) on your year ahead
One thing about Jupiter – his retrogrades are always harmless. But what about the other retrogrades? American astrologer and author April Elliott Kent rejoins The Astrology Show to look at the retrogrades ahead.
While Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius it gives us all a few months to contemplate the full impact of Neptune in Pisces, back for 2012 and beyond. New York writer and consulting astrologer Katie Sweetman from Empowering Astrology has an intriguing take on this cycle in your life.
In the July-August episode of The Astrology Show, it’s time to focus on Vedic astrology. Your astrologer will offer gemstones or other rituals to help you with a cure - Adam Smith asks if you can avoid your fate.
In the June show Adam Smith looks at the eclipse in Gemini on June 1st, and the subsequent eclipse in Gemini and Sagittarius on June 15th. Girlschool’s Enid Williams also happens to be an astrologer, so she has profiled Motorhead’s Lemmy – an old friend – for the mid-year show. Julian Venables ...
<p>  Ahead of the arrival of Jupiter in Taurus, there are plenty of inner planet transits to lead the way. If you are a Taurean born in late April, then gradually, each of these planets in turn will trine your natal Sun, allowing you to shine more brightly, more easily.</p>
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<p>Adam Smith looks at Neptune in Pisces in our April show.</p>
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March sees the arrival of Uranus in Aries, joining Jupiter.
The Astrology Show with 2011 predictions is out now in a special double edition.
The Astrology Show in November looks at Venus Retrograde with Adam Smith, Scorpio Sylvia Plath with Bethea Jenner and The Age of Aquarius (distinctly un-Scorpio!) with Neil Spencer. Jessica Adams looks at the transit of the inner planets through Scorpio
<p>In the October edition of The Astrology Show you’ll hear from Neil Spencer music journalist will be speaking about John Lennon as it’s his 70th birthday on the 9th of this month. Adam Smith will be talking about Saturn as it’s a big month for Saturn Aspects.</p>
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<p>Pluto was always about changes in the balance of power, and the archetype came alive a few years ago when astronomers demoted him to dwarf planet – effectively promoting Ceres. These two great symbols of astrology are linked by Proserpina, daughter of Ceres and eventual wife of Pluto.</p>
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<p>The August Astrology Show features Adam Smith, astrologer for The Sun Herald and Sunday Age in Australia, talking about the horoscope of Robert Plant, as well as Jessica Adams, Neil Spencer and special guest Bethea Jenna talking about the astrology of football.</p>
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<p>The July episode of The Astrology Show features Jessica Adams, Adam Smith and Neil Spencer, with special guest Gregory Clare.</p>
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<p>The first episode of the Astrology Show features Jessica Adams, Neil Spencer, Adam Smith and Julian Venables.</p>
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