Project Bliss

Project Bliss is conceptual radio focusing on empowering music of various genres, inspirational spoken word/interviews from mentors (spiritual, athletic, political,educational) activists and Dr's of natural health. As well as positive local news and events promoting healthy active blissful lifestyles.


We are now living within the dawn of an empowered age. Project Bliss emphasizes the music, people and cultures that encourage growth within a repressed media society. The goal is to stimulate hope towards a bright future, provide awareness education and empower the community. All while listening to groundbreaking and rare music. Hosted by Jennifer Paige - the bliss rider- Airs on CHLY 101.7fm every Tuesday 8pm-9pm.

Categories: Alternative  |  Electronica  |  Life
Tags: Alternative | Bliss | Electronica | Heart | Life | Love | Soul | Surfing | (add tag)
Inactive  |  30 - 67 min. |   Dec 20, 2014 at 09:21 AM85 Episode(s)
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