Project Bliss: Episodes

Special guest Noah with his unique hand made instrument the saxamo-drone.
56:00 mins
Some deep bass grooves hailing from the wettest of the west coast.
Staying cool, keeping fresh while tuning right in.
Its May let's get into it! Chill otu, brew soe tea and In-JOY!
A new month and new new theme! Let's blossom and open ourselves up all month long!!
Show from April 22nd, 2014. Celebrating creation and all things creative thru April!
After a long podcast hiatus I will be bringing back more past episodes of Project Bliss for your enjoyment.
Let's literally CHill Out! It's winter and let's try to warm our selves by opening our hearts. Some chill step and melodic grooves to inspire warmth!
Some of the best chill out tracks from 2012! Orginal mix with uplifting David Wilcock speech.
Another episode from Project Bliss
Another episode from Project Bliss
Another episode from Project Bliss
Relax and chill out to another excellent episode of Project Bliss.
Let's give thanks today and everyday! SOulfulll lounge grooves start you off and bring you over into the mellow side with some electronic melodious magesty. lol let's just chill and be grateful for everything!!
Let's reignite our passion! CArefully selected tracks to give you the opportunity to tune into your inner fire. (If you listen atthe very end you can hear me tossing my hacky sac. ;)
Another grest show to mellow out to. Lots of new tracks. Find a hammock, brew some tea and lets bliss out!
57:47 mins
After a bit of a break from podcasting here is a brand new one! Tons of new trax for your blissful enjoyment during this midsummer groove.
Let's celebrate Summer!!
Let's take an hour to appreciate all the wonder of nature. Let's stop talking bad about the weather and focus on what is awesome about it.
Warm tracks to melt your anxieties.
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