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Do we really have too much democracy in the post 9-11 world? I spoke with one man who seems to think that we do.
What are the differences between governments in the U.S. and New Zealand? I spoke to somebody who lives in that country, and he told me all about it.
Is it possible that Americans don't pay enough taxes? I spoke to a man who thinks we should pay more.
The U.K. government has announced brutal cuts to their military budget. Is this a good thing? I spoke to one person who lives in Britain about this, and he shared his opinion.
What does national-level politics mean to the great State of Alaska. I talked with an old friend who has been in Alaska for a very long time. He shared his thoughts.
What have we learned from the 2010 elections? Does the collective "State" matter more than the individual? I spoke to a man who says that it does.
In the U.S., we call it "slinging mud." In other parts of the world, they call it "dirty politics." What's the truth? Why are American politicians so vicious?
Failing economies and shrinking military budgets have consequences. What does the U.S. future look like to somebody from the U,K., and why should we care?
I've been doing thirty minutes of casual political commentary each Monday morning with a radio station in Missippi since February of 2006. Here's a sample, dated 12/13/2010.
What doe the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell mean in light of the current economic situation? Does it matter?
A look back at what made the biggest news in 2010. A little something for the archives. A little slice of life for future generations to ponder.
What should we expect from 2011? How much of our future is inevitable? Do we believe the hype, or do we believe in ourselves?
In an ironic twist of fate, episode 13 is all about the attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Gifford. What was the cause? Why did this happen? What does it say about our society?
I had a chance to ask the hard questions with California real estate mogul J.R. Sullivan, and he didn't hold back. What's to be done about this hard-core real estate market? How does the average home buyer survive in this tough climate? Listen, and find out.
Lessons learned from the shooting of Grabrielle Giffords are still trickling in. Why does it take a tragedy to make us stop and think? Why does public civility matter at a time like this?
President John F. Kennedy made a very passionate speech fifty years ago in whoch he asked us to make sacrifices to improve the fate of our nation. President Barack Obama is about to make his second State of the Union address, and many pundits are hoping he'll ask us for another round of nation-building. ...
I spoke with a Liberal who actually quotes Newt Gingrich, and we tangled over the U.S. debt policy? Is he right? Are we too big to fail?
In the wake of a contraversial State of the Union address, the world watches and waits to see what the U.S. President will do about the worsening situation in Egypt. Can a diplomatic triumph in North Africa get Mr. Obama re-elected?
In this week's roundup of the news, we discuss Super Bowl 45, President Obama's Egypt Policy,. and recent events that are re-shaping the internet. You'll be surprised to learn how much of this is inter-connected.
Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) is not the only problem faced by modern vets in the 21st Century. I spoke with Alex Galicia, who is actively trying to make things better for veterans. We talked about the kinds of new thinking that are needed to redress old and new issues.
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