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67:00 mins
Today we're joined by Pete Abel of The Moderate Voice. With Pete we'll talk about politics, centrism, moderation, decision 08, Obama, McCain and whatever else comes up. Join us if you want to listen to people talking about politics from a centrist perspective.
Today, Jason and Michael talk with Ali Eteraz (http://eteraz.wordpress.com/), blogger and columnist for Jewcy and the Guardian.
65:00 mins
Second part of the show.
52:00 mins
Jason Steck on why he supports Barack Obama (for the Democratic nomination).
We talk about the elections 08, and foreign affairs: especially something that's going on in the Netherlands - small scale civil war coming up?
We talk about the elections with Lady Logician and abortion / pro-life issues with John Mallon of http://johnmallon.net and of Human Life International (Catholic pro-life organization). Also see here.
We talk about the perceived racism and sexism in the Democratic race for the nomination.
Today we talk to Pete Abel and Governor Christine Todd Whitman about moderate Republicans, stem cell research, the Whitman Strategy Group and the RLC.
Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals (http://www.smalldeadanimals.com)joins us to talk about Global Warming, Canadian politics, and - of course - the American elections. Later we're joined by Susan Duclos to talk about Iraq and the elections.
In today's show, Rick Moran and Pamela Leavey of The Democratic Daily joined us to talk about the Iowa caucuses. A good show!
From now on, the show will be hosted by two people: Jason Steck and your's truly.

Kevin Sullivan (of PoliGazette and Real Clear Politics) and Dustin Metzger (PoliGazette site manager) join us to talk about PoliGazette, politics and blogging.

In the second half of the show we're joined by Pamela Leavey ...
It's the first PoliGazette Radio show. We'll kick it off with Right Wing Nut House's (http://www.rightwingnuthouse.com) Rick Moran. He and I will talk about Fred Thompson('s chances), the direction the GOP has taken during the last couple of years and we'll talk about Bhutto's assassination.
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