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The average American has about 105 of these but uses only 16. What are they?
Do you agree with Marty and always go for the real Christmas trees or are you like Flounder and hate all the sap and go for the fake trees?
Next Tuesday is considered the most fertile day of the year - 'tis the season!
April dishes the dirt from Hollywood, Nashville and all around the world!
Flounder, Marty and April catch up on what's happening in their lives!
Find out if the new guy, Marty is a wine, beer or liquor drinker!
Should the reply all button be removed?
Find out more about the new guy, Marty! What would he do if he won the Powerball?
Seventy-five percent of guys admit to telling lies on their first date. What are some of the top lies someone has told you?
Flounder loves playing video games. Are you a gamer or a "real-lifer"?
Find out a little more about The Wake Up Call's new co-host, Marty. What's his family like?
A new survey says the average age a child asks for this is 5 years old. What is it?
Would you re-gift something to save money for the holidays?
Flounder and Marty tell how you can nominate people for a Very Country Christmas!
Discover a little more about The Wake Up Call's newcomer, Marty! What is his most embarrassing moment?
Flounder, Marty and April didn't win the Powerball from last night's draw - did you check your ticket?
April dishes the dirt from Nashville, Hollywood and all around the world!
Powerball is up to $425 million. What is your chance of winning?
Winners are nominated by listeners who believe they're deserving of a very country Christmas. Find out who today's winner was!
Believe it or not the Furby is the big toy this holiday season!
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