PodQuiz weekly trivia quiz: Episodes

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), The Arctic, Television, and Pot Luck.<br />
The music is <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=3e4ae48eacdf415b6d99017db504f92d">ARCTIC</a></i> with <i>Some One Turning</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Guitar Solos), the Number 3, Famous Tims (Quickfire), and Places.<br />
The music is from <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=db5ecbc9832f4a3b59922c7b8279f083">Calendonix</a></i> with a song called <i>Three Ravens</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Grammar, Literature, and the NAtural World.<br />
The music is from <i><a href="https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/368431/noun">Noun</a></i> with a song called <i>La vida o la muerte</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Covers), Bottles, Fictional Places (Quickfire), and Sport.<br />
The music is <i>This Bottle</i> by <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=2d30e242dbca67ca9998618a7c8b2ccb">Doug Folkins</a></i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Aircraft, Movies, and Television.<br />
The music is <i>Aeroplane</i> by <a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=991ab0c4efff79d1d68392ce0d36fe18"><i>Admiral Twin</i></a>.
This week's rounds are Music (Mangled by MIDI), Scorpions, Assassinations (Quickfire), and History.<br />
The music is <i>The Black Scorpion</i> by <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=1f917f384ab30069dae4af6c05609aa2">The Happy, Happy</a></i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Underwear, Famous Voices, and Who Am I?<br />
The music is from <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=df13b02afb77856cc96b5ca622363f1e">Flywright</a></i> with a song called <i>The Underwear Mall</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Lah-Dee-Dah), 500, Pot Luck, more Pot Luck and an extra Prize Round!<br />
Thanks to everyone who took part in the making of the special 500th quiz - you all did such a great job! Thanks also to everyone who has listened to the quiz over the years, you make the show and ...
This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Leaves, Cartoon Characters, and Food and Drink.<br />
The music is <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=83a53a4fb2fe980f4f0373beabbd6c43">Andrew Ferris</a></i>, with <i>Faster Than The Leaves</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Sample Sinners), Vermin, Arch-enemies (Quickfire), and Geography.<br />
The music is <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=3e64b769802890eec0ae8e48be4ce804">US Royalty</a></i>, with a song called <i>Rats</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Shellfish, Languages, and Literature.<br />
The music is <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=bbe44159ac65865e6ae14acd86aa0fbc">DropKick</a></i> with <i>Lobster</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Backbeat), Lewis Carroll, Fictional Cats (Quickfire), and Music Too.<br />
Music comes from <a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=37f16eb48f210557360b14b64dda6de4">Emma Wallace</a> with <i>Alice in Wonderland</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Wool, Movies, and Famous People.<br />
The interlude music is <i>WOOL</i> from <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=c0c6edf176a858c1b4cf70d1676fa766">Jessica L. Fenton</a></i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Terrible Twins), Germany, Animal Logos (Quickfire), and Communications.<br />
The music is <i>Welcome To Germany</i> by <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=c7d842ac5cf8840376c3c5150c6c22f7">ax</a></i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Painting, Music Instruments, and Science and Technology.<br />
Music this week comes from <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=7bf482230ed063de33bb4bb58bf68e6b">Afternoon Coffee</a></i> with <i>Painting Face In the Sky</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Lyrical Linguist), Letters, Kids TV (Quickfire), and Art.<br />
The music is <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=4183a68a35d3a11c300aa49f39b42cc3">Bellevue</a></i>'s <i>26 Letters</i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Connections), South Africa, Famous Voices, and Transport.<br />
The music is <i>Savannah Smiles</i> by <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=a319de2abb9c2b1c0af928ddb2c0c98f">Jodi Shaw</a></i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Intros), Hammers, Seconds (Quickfire), Pot Luck and an extra Prize Round!<br />
There is no music this week because of the prize round.<br />
<b>Prize Round Picture Question:</b><br />
<img src="http://www.podquiz.com/pictures/490pq.jpg" alt="Who is it?" /><br />
Who is it?
This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Spoons, Old News, and Places.<br />
The music is <i>Teaspoons</i> by <i><a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=082ed273ada5b7b325f420000b9b8149">Adam and the Walter Boys</a></i>.
This week's rounds are Music (Classical Covers), Chewing Gum, TV Show Cities (Quickfire), and The Natural World.<br />
The music is <i><a href="http://www.myspace.com/emmanaveira">Miss Emma</a></i>, with <i>Bubble Gum</i>.
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