PhotoTips by BCphoto: Episodes

<p>A cajun night before Christmas</p>
<p>This easy preset will work on most photos and need very little tweaking depending on ISO. </p>
<p>Is wix really all it's advertised to be?</p>
<p>Could also be called "How to get razor sharp images in Lightroom", as well as "The baldheaded butter rub" as we cover all of that in this short tutorial.</p>
<p><span>Photoshop and Lightroom are not very complicated. But they are diverse in their capabilities. Because they does do so much, and since they are indeed so complex, beginner's often interpret this as difficulty and experience some frustrations. This mini series is designed to make the transition ...
<p>We take you along on a photoshoot and I explain all my settings and whay I am thinking.</p>
<p>We discuss why blogging is so critically important for your business.</p>
<p>Is VC or Image Stabilization important? Can you go pro with an old, used, base model DSLR?</p>
<p>In this episode we give you a visual aid to figure out what is not compositionally sound to crop off.</p>
<p>Great photography is all about Light, Composition, and 2 Dimensional Thinking. Wwe explaore that a bit starting with composition.</p>
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