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Episode: Fdip158: The 2008 Bay State Marathon 
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Life is all about making choices.  Choices between what’s right and wrong, choices between what’s good and evil, choices between altruism and egotism, of giving and taking, of sharing and selfishness and choices between what’s smart and what’s dumb.
I chose to run the 2008 Bay State Marathon just as 25 years ago this month I chose to take part in a project to help etch my college radio station’s name in the history of a Northern Massachusetts city.
Sometimes we do things without thinking it through, or considering the consequences.  Sometimes we do things on impulse or instinct and throw caution to the wind for ideals and purposes which seem like a good idea at the time.
Whatever we do, for whatever reason we do it: one thing is perfectly clear.  We all have a choice.
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