Parenting Todays Teens: Episodes

Moms and dads need to shift their parenting style with pre-teens.
Does your teen see your home as a place of rest? Or just another environment for criticism?
Do you share your imperfections with your teen?
Are you living like a teacher or a trainer?
What’s a parent to do when their teen gets mixed up in the wrong crowd?
Are you celebrating your teen as they grow?
Are you noticing your teen's changing identity?
Which parenting method are you practicing?
Are you communicating a need for perfection?
Do you spend enough quality time with your teen?
Do you have a discipline plan in place for your home?
Do you struggle with enforcing rules with your teen?
How are you combating today's culture in your family?
How have you chosen to love your teen this past week?
Are you picking your battles wisely?
Do you notice the warning signs in your teens behavior?
Communicating your expectations can help lower tension.
Do you struggle with giving up control to your teen?
Is your parenting style to strict?
Parents need to have the long term goal in mind.
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