Parenting Todays Teens: Episodes

Is your home a place for peace and rest … or just another source of stress?
What should I do when my ex enforces different rules with the kids?
Did you have a meaningful relationship with your father when you were a teen?
Do you have some tough memories from your childhood, too?
Do you allow the natural consequences of your teen's mistakes to happen?
How will you react if you find out your teen is sexually active?
Do you struggle with being overprotective of your teen?
Is your teen’s inappropriate behavior actually rebellion… or the symptom of a deeper issue?
Did you really think your teen would never question your values?
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a great big “undo” button that could erase all your parenting mistakes?
Are you in the “worse” part of your marriage right now?
Are you over-protecting your growing teen?
Is there something behind your teen's anger?
Will they ever grow out of it?
Are you ready to meet your teen in their time of greatest need?
How can parents get through to their teens with worthwhile advice?
Is your teen acting out? Don’t ignore the warning signs!
Has technology become your teen’s only mode of communication?
Do you make the most of everyday moments with your teen?
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