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Mr. Black, Mr. White, and Mr. Blonde are the chosen pseudonyms for the three major players at Open Road Podcast. Mr. Black and Mr. White both work as consultants and contractors in the auto industry.

In each podcast posted at this site, and also available through iTunes, the three discuss relevant issues of the day in the car business, from driving impressions of new products to commentary on future products to an exploration of the more fascinating technologies in the automotive field. The show is skewed towards car enthusiasts who seek an alternative to the consensus, watered-down views often expressed in more conventional outlets.

Both Mr. Black and Mr. White have held a variety of marketing, communications, and product roles in the auto industry, mostly relating to the creation of sports cars and high-performance cars. Each has written white papers about future product, and some of those products are on sale in the US.

From time to time, Open Road Podcast has well-informed guests, such as engineers and designers, to cover complex topics where an expert's views and knowledge are essential.

For new visitors, it's important to note that our early podcasts were experimental and focused on auto shows. They often veered into some of the industry's more arcane corners and back alleyways. After this learning experience, Mr. Black and Mr. White agreed to shift to more specific commentary on new products. But come the show season, Mr. Black and Mr. White will once again deliver commentary on show properties. The scope of these podcasts will continue to expand.

Because they have day jobs, the three will remain Mr. Black, Mr. White, and Mr. Blonde for a long time to come.

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