Old Time Radio Mystery Theater: Episodes

An old man can see the future and even relieve physical pain with a simple touch.
Two men who were cheated, seek revenge. Unbeknownst to them, someone already beat them to it.
A man in financial trouble is offered the chance to make a fortune for an anonymous murder.
A young criminal is taken by a couple who discovers her talent for finding lost things - including dead bodies.
A trip to the country to visit a friend turns into a nightmare as a couple comes across a small girl being whipped by a man. It's only the beginning of a journey back into an old family curse and a murder - all wrapped up in a ring.
Two elderly women go on a cruise to get away from it all. It get a little strange when they find out that no one else is aboard.
Coming home late one night, a man finds parked in the front of the garage a getaway car with the driver dead and a satchel containing fifty thousand dollars.
A reporter heads to a nearly abandoned town to investigate the recent disappearance of a couple.
A woman believes that her mild-mannered husband suspects her infidelity and plans to kill her for it.
A man is convinced that he murdered his wife. He is also convinced that he has been having an affair with another woman. However, he can't convince a police detecitve of either.
A man must take his schizophrenic wife across the high Pyrenees to get her to the hospital, but her delusions persuade the locals on the way that he is a threat to her life.
When an eccentric old man walks into a bank to deposit a large amount of cash into a safety deposit box, the disgruntled young bank clerk who leases him the box develops an elaborate scheme to steal the money, with unexpected results.
While staying at a mountain resort during the off-season, a woman plans to kill her husband. Some guests arrive that complicate her plans. Starring Jane Wyman.
Two American pilots on an Arctic patrol mission sight a downed Soviet aircraft. Suddenly their own plane mysteriously loses power and they too are forced down onto the ice. Just who or what is responsible?
A fictional account of what might have happened to the crew of the Marie Celeste on her final voyage as told by a stowaway.
Two archaeologists go on an expedition to the Vermillion Cliffs of Arizona seeking to uncover ancient Aztec artifacts. They instead, find a cave containing something bizarre and deadly.
Fibber McGee and Molly appear on Suspense as a couple with a killer riding in the backseat of their car.
One his way to Hurricane Cove during a storm, a woman's brother get a premonition of danger. Can he save his sister in time?
A man trying to raise money for his failing business brings his recently paroled father home from the hospital.
After retiring, A woman moves from the city to the country and is tormented by a young woman and her cat.
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