Off-Air with TJ and Greg T: Episodes

Carolina makes TJ talk to her hot sister Liz on the phone, Greg T explains his cure for constipation, and Greg T blames Garrett and Danielle for his "relaxation" bit failing.
2008's first episode of Off Air. TJ, Greg T, and Carolina discuss the zoo's mood their first week back. Also... TJ's Hottest chick list, and Carolina's sister. Very quick episode, more to come next week!
After last week's college tape presentations... TJ and Greg T catch up with their college professor. Carolina joins in!
Carolina and the young guys she wants to pounce on, Scotty B and wife Amy's new baby Ashley, and Greg T's dream of Off Air T-Shirts gets squashed.
Back after 3 weeks, TJ, Greg T, and Carolina talk to little kids, discuss Tuesday's Chris Brown Interview/if Carolina got his number, and Kid Rock's awesome new CD.
TJ, Greg T, and Carolina interview psychic, Joseph Tittel. He's good at freaking people out!! Visit his website at spiritmanjoseph.com.
TJ and Greg T interview Tom from Myspace.
An epsiode that we recorded LAST week... before the meet market. Skeery talks about how everyone on the show MET their significant other. Most are Zoo listeners!!
TJ and Greg T talk about a restraining order that was put on an 18 year old Greg T, Greg T dating stories, and Greg T's College Radio days. Carolina also hangs out to talk with them. You've been requesting LONGER episodes... so this one is a little longer. Feel free to bail when they get to the karaoke!
TJ and Greg T discuss Elvis comparing them to the movie Superbad and if they really WERE losers in highschool. Carolina joins in too! E-mail us to say hello at OFFAIRSHOW@gmail.com!
TJ and Greg T talk about a bunch of the official Off Air T-shirts in production, dirty toilet seats at the radio station, behind the scenes in the zoo office, John Bell chiming in, and Kevin Bacon's new movie called Death Sentence.
TJ and Greg T talk about not doing Off Air for a while, they read some listener e-mails, talk about Nikki Blonsky in studio, and discuss what's to come on NEXT week's episode.
In this latest edition of Off Air.... TJ & Greg T confront an angry Off Air listener who wants a t-shirt. Greg T tries to get an "Intern Date" update from TJ. TJ thinks Carolina has a girl crush on intern Katie and Carolina storms the studio angry about his theory.
TJ and Greg T Interview 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander. He's performing at Carolines Comedy club in NYC,Thursday June 14th through Sunday June 17th.
In this episode of Off Air... TJ has special guest Scotty B in studio to talk about Greg T's selfish behavior. We talk about all the blogs on elvisduran.com and the soon to come "Coupon Corner" starring Scotty B. Danielle calls TJ in the middle of Off Air to aplogize for yelling at him after the show. ...
Greg T recently did a bit where he tried to pay for merchandise in a convenience shop using ONLY pennies. Two days later, the NY Daily News wrote an article, using that SAME IDEA. Greg T was SURE they stole it from him!!! In this episode of Off Air... TJ and Greg T confront NY Daily News Staff Reporter ...
TJ and Greg T interview Rich Cronin, formerly of LFO. They talk about Rich's upcoming TV show on VH1, dating Jennifer Love Hewitt, and his recent battle with Leukemia.
In this episode, we talk to an Off Air listener, TJ pranks Greg T, and since Mr. Moviefone is OFF until next week, we talk about the movies we like that are in theaters now.
In this episode of Off Air... TJ and Greg T talk to Skeery and Froggy about their obsession over doing Borat impressions. Vote after listening! (also Greg T rips on David Brody and his Brody Blog)
In Episode 5, TJ and Greg T call Danielle, Carolina, Skeery, John Bell, & Froggy while they're all on vacation until Wednesday, March 14th. Unfortunately, everyone is not happy to hear from "Off Air."
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