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Today I will be reviewing some of my favorite books of 2007!!! I promise it will be a great show full of great info and humor!!!
How many of you out there hate blanket statements…visualize me raising my hand. For years I fought the blanket statement…I never wanted to lock myself in or back myself into a corner with a blanket statement. The reason if obvious…what if I fail?? Then I will have to go back to everyone that I ...
Talking about finding friends when you least expect it and dealing with toxic, destructive relationships.
59:00 mins
I am back after a mini-break!! Back to discuss what I am famous for!!!
Everything you need to know about the online college experience!! All the in's and out's from someone who has benefited and experienced it!!!
Are you a military spouse who is not near a post or base? Do you feel isolated with no support from your community? Do you want to make new friends but don’t even know where to start? Listen as I introduce my new project, Operation Friend Connection.
I will be discussing all my listeners questions on issues that they are struggling with in their everyday life.
Do you constantly question your actions, behaviors and analyze these to death? Real ways to help you “shut off” your mind a little and be able to make a decision and stick with it!!!
Listen for real and positive tools to deal with the "everyday triggers" in your life.
We all have one but how has it helped or hindered your success, happiness, fullfillment in your life?
Squashing Misconceptions About Life Coaching
59:00 mins
Balancing Work, Family & Personal Time Without Going Insane!! Special Guest, Crystal Linnen from Maui Media
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