Nova969 - Merrick and Rosso and Kate Ritchie: Episodes

<p>Ricky Gervais tells us about the show that launched his career – The Office. Sam Worthington talks about what it’s like to be in the most expensive movie ever made! Rachael Finch – drops by to talk about being a “surprisingly talented” chef on MasterChef celebrity edition.</p>
<p>Ricky revealed why he has vowed to wear nothing but pyjama pants from now on. Mez fulfilled a lifelong fantasy; training with the Commandos of the 2nd Regiment, Old Lady Drivers – 95 year old Elsie managed to hit Mez twice with golf balls (out of 10 shots).</p>
<p>Ricky Gervais – told us why he thinks Aussies are better than Poms at sport. Over Sharers: Marcus from Leppington gave us one of the funniest, albeit wrongest, moments in a long time with his oversharing story. Rosso Rocks The Shire for A Day At The Park festival. Not only did he find out he was ...
<p>Merrick & Rosso & Kate Ritchie podcast; Mike Tyson makes a citizens arrest in an airport. What the hell is a citizens arrest? The team gets to the bottom if it. Do you steal for your kids? Tom Gleisner drops in to chat about his new book. Anthony Head talks Buffy and Twilight.</p>
<p>The stars and director of 2012 join us to talk us through the film. Anthony Head of Buffy The Vampire fame tells us what he really thinks of Twilight’s popularity.</p>
It was a sad day for all when Rosso and Kate Ritchie announced they are leaving Nova. Listen to what the team had to say about it. The team hung out with John Mayer in his hotel room and caught up with Elmo from Sesame Street.
John Mayer in his ONLY breakfast radio interview tells the guys that his lifelong dream is to write a worldwide smash hit club anthem. Pete Wentz dropped by to review the performance of the Australian Idols from the night before. Mick Fanning talked about being number the world's number 1 surfer.
The 12th Man.. Billy Birmingham brought his mates Richie Benaud and Tony Greig to the studio for some hilarity! Shortest Straw: Rosso drew the shortest straw and had to piggy-back a nude man around the corridors of nova... disturbing. Rove to dobbed Kristy Warner in as a closet John Mayer fan.
Pete Wentz released his inner nerd and talked Star Wars. The team are guilty of Britney Spears-esque lip synching. Shortest Straw: Mez serenaded Ronan Keating with a version of "When You Say Nothing At All". Hilarious.
Shortest Straw Kate drew the shortest straw and had to give 16yo John, a learner driver, his second-ever driving lesson in her own brand new car! Ken the Pensioner called and ‘attacked’ poor old unsuspecting Nikki Webster. Plus we get down to the bottom of which nationality had the hottest accent.
Hugh Sheridan talks Rafters wedding and singing, Bruce McAveny talks Melbourne Cup and champagne, Shortest Straw is drawn by Mez, who has to fish out his car keys out from a steaming pile of horse manure.
Ray Martin dropped by to tell us some cracking stories of his life what a legend! The Shortest Straw was drawn by Kate Ritchie, who had to eat a Krispy Kreme donut every time a listener asked her to; she had 5. Sonya Walger star of Lost and Flash Forward calls through for a chat.
Monty dropped by for a chat about her 2 colleagues who are fast becoming the victims of Male Pattern Baldness, Kate explains the benefits of digital TV to Tommy Williams. Evil Rosso makes a Halloween themed prank call & Ken The Pensioner tries to book a holiday.
Guy Sebastian played, blind-folded, like it like that. New Moon High; Twilight and Glee have finally come together in radio-lands newest serial Sal Morgan spoke to us live from LA and introduced us to mad Jacko fan.
Evil Rosso prank call to a fire station. Will they strip for it? Pensioners attack again when Ken calls a series of AM radio stations. His bloody wireless is broken... but he's still keen for some 5AA talkback. Why are we so fascinated with stars spiralling out of control? Kate tackles the Lindsay Lohan ...
Sarah Murdoch and Kirk Pengilly spoke with us about the debut of the Pride of Australia series. Grant Denyer was in the studio to talk about the World Dog Games.
Evil Rosso - made Kate prank a motel in New Zealand, while 73yo Ken the Pensioner made a comeback.
Uno was over without anyone losing an eye...although the same cant be said for one of our callers. Duncan Jones aka Zowie Bowie (David Bowie’s son) phoned through for a chat about his new movie Moon (movie of the year)! Evil Rosso - made Kate prank a motel in New Zealand
Beauty and the Geek: Toby and Elsie dropped by the show to be beautiful and geeky at the same time. We spoke to some certified Aussies who have inured themselves in pools. Evil Rosso made Kate prank the Dentist. When Pensioners Attack: 73yo Ken called a psychic hotline.
Rosso gets a birthday massage and loses his undies, Shakira dresses as a man... so we faked it for a prank call too. Seth Green from Robot Chicken and The Family Guy drops in for some pranking of his own.
George and Gary from Masterchef were in the studio for the first time to judge the cooking challenge. When Pensioners Attack - 73yo Ken (Mez) makes a nuisance of himself again. Dicko vs JD Springbett: Dicko, talked us through last nights’ Idol controversy.
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