Nova969 - Merrick and Rosso and Kate Ritchie: Episodes

Todays show is about tradie etiquette, birth mixups, and heckling royalty plus can gay tendencies be used in any sentence, the guys find out.
On the show today the team host a speed dating session with a tv star in the nova boardroom plus Antonia Kidman drops in.
On the show today The Last Goodnight join Merrick and Rosso and Kate Ritchie for a chat and perform their hit single Pictures of You.
On the show today Michael Johns who made the top 8 in American Idol, Models in bootcamp and Comedian Judith Lucy with Kate Ritchie doing an impersonation of Judith Lucy.
On the show, Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, bad parents return, plus can guys and girls ever just be friends.
Todays show broadcasts from two time Gold Logie Winner Kate Ritchies hotel room, with all the stories from the 2008 Logie Awards show.
On the show Merrick becomes Kates campaign manager, winner of Biggest Loser Sam and Gladiator Amazon comes in and squats with Kate on her shoulders.
On the show is UK Popstar Leona Lewis, Michelle Monaghan on McDreamy plus Pink Floyd lost their inflatable pig.
Todays show, Kate doesnt have a dress for the Logies, China bans vegemite from the Olympics, Dannii Minogues got talent, plus Australias worst parents.
On the show today we had Bryan Brown who talked about Tom Cruise, the dirt on Kim Kardashian plus Merrick kicks off Kate campaign for a gold Logie.
On todays show we had all the action from the MTV Awards, Dance winner Jack and runner up Rhys, Rove joins us and Kate gets a fine.
On the show we talk to Hugh Jackman, chinese fried ice cream, Facebook as the new smoko and disappearing priests.
Todays show we talk to Daniel Radcliffes aussie girl, MTVJ Lyndsey Rodrigues, Jodi Gordon plus we try to find Australias worst parents.
On the show Merrick talks about an uncomfortable dining experience, Kate has a recurring dream, Ross Noble drops in, and Daniel Radcliffes Aussie love.
On the show is Gladiator Angel, Wyclef Jean, the boys from Matchbox Twenty, Merrick bakes a cake, and Rosso the childrens storyteller.
On the show we talk Miley Cyrus autobiography, Schapelle Corbys life as a movie plus guests Michelle Monaghan, Kristen Bell and Jason Segel.
Todays show has Keanu Reeves with his new movie Street Kings, Nat and James from the Rogue Traders and Shannon Noll.
On the show is Robert Downey Jr, Graeme and Vanessa from Dance, plus Kate gets worked up over PMT.
On the show is Jason from Dance, Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicolson, Kate encounters a smoke alarm, plus we talk tai chi farming.
Todays show has the final six contestants from Dance, Bernard from Powderfinger, Outlaw from Gladiators, plus accidental boob touches.
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