Nova969 - Merrick and Rosso and Kate Ritchie: Episodes

Back from holiday the guys talk about what they got up to, including Rosso nearly getting arrested, Schapelle's boyfriend rings in from Bali as does Perez Hilton.
On the show we had the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apparently he drove the porcelain bus, Gavin DeGraw rang in, and Beckhams fashion faux pas.
Today was World Environmment Day and Cate Blanchett chats about Who On Earth Cares. Kate Ritchie does a Judith Lucy then a Julia Morris, plus you say sorry to celebrities.
On the show, funny gal Julia Morris, Manpower get robbed, Kate's in the wrong place at the wrong time, plus if you found $10,000 would you keep it?
Today's show has a new News presenter - Kelly Rowland. Plus the young Labour Party parties, and kids stealing stuff.
On the show Newton Faulkner chats with the team, Kate goes shopping, plus what changes have you had to make to make it into the family?
On the show Rosso jumps on his soapbox and chats 'Sex and the City', The Living end pop in, plus good news for Mercedes Corby.
On the show Sal Morgan joins us for a chat about George Clooney and Renee Zellweger, Kates being followed by the paparazzi and Merrick has some new rules for visitors to Australia.
Todays show we ask, are bald men sexy? Plus chat to Mike Munro and Leiden from Next top Model.
On the show we find more evidence that Rosso is becoming a nerd, more bad parenting, caller pranks plus Kates shocking holiday revelation.
On the show we find out how to live till your 110, the real Mr G, human beat-box Yuri Lane and Rosso stages an acting intervention.
On the show Andrew OKeefe cops some stick over his Logies outfit, Tim Campbell and Kelly Landry from the new Wheel of Fortune plus Jamie Durie calls in from the UK.
On the show Sal talks to Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett plus Rae Morris passes on some makeup tips, while Tania Zaetta and Jamie Durie make the headlines.
Today we talk to Peter Postlethwaite and Sharni Vinson, Merrick wont do DIY checkouts, Kate thinks Rosso could be the next Dr Phil plus the difference between guys and girls.
Today Kate talks of her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, is Bec Hewitt preggies and tactics to stop yer partner drinking on Fridays.
On the show we talk about puberty ruining lives, Rosso cops some more stick from Kate plus has a bad massage experience.
On the show Rosso feels clucky so straps on a pregnency vest, the latest on Sophie Monk from LA plus Guy Sebastians bucks party.
On the show we gave Sydney the chance to say sorry to celebs, remembered past tv theme songs, and talked about old people with tattoos.
Todays show features both good and bad Elmo, Tammin Sursok, some clever next top models, and more bad parenting.
On the show is the Transformers actress Rachel Taylor, our girl Sal Morgan at the London Premiere of Sex In The City plus Merrick mistakes someone for a porn star.
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