Living For The Health Of It

Listen live on Tuesday afternoons, 2-4pm Pacific Time 101.7FM Host/Producer Pam Edgar with Co-Host Ginny Gossen

Doing the best you can with what you’ve got from where you are with tips, ideas and suggestions from perspectives, opinions and experiences presented in a causal, conversational manor.

Living for the Health of IT' topics range from Multiple Sclerosis (one of the host's daily challenges), to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, fear, anger, organ transplant, Hep–C, Cancer and Diabetes as well as to vaporize or to ingest; to name a very few.

This show focuses on the issues and how tos, identifying problems and finding possible solutions. The invitation is open to listeners to call in during the show at 250-740-1017 with comments, concerns and questions or toll free to 1-866-740-1017.

The first Tuesday of the month the topic is Cannabis Conversation; no shortage of issues on this topic, from licensing to legalizing.

The second Tuesday of the month we spend in conversation with Dr. Paola Lake, Registered Psychologist, as our scheduled guest with topics of wellbeing; ... "from surviving to thriving" ... how to choose, change and sustain.

The third Tuesday of the month and 'New Hope Wellness' Ginny Gossen shares information and ideas as does Anna Christine Doehring of 'Energy All Around Healing'.

The fourth Tuesday has scheduled segment host Joan Ryan of Life Line and more.

'Living for the Health of IT' has been described as “turning awkward topics into comfortable conversation”.

Email health@chly.ca

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