The podcast and Canadian jazz and improvised music radio show Rhythmaning with host/producer Kerilie McDowall first aired at CFUV in Victoria, BC, Canada well over two decades ago. Kerilie has been producing and broadcasting at CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada for over 13 years. Listen to the latest free new releases on recorded radio shows on archive and podcast.

An exploration of the new and the innovative the weekly jazz radio show and podcast Rhythmaning features eclectic, avant, creative, post bop, Latin, experimental,early jazz, women in jazz and a mix of other sounds from new releases with fun ventures into the past. From Canadian, European and American jazz artists - a wide variety of current jazz and improvisation available for listening, subscription or download on podcast.

Host Kerilie McDowall was formerly an active jazz guitarist and performed in music and jazz festivals, on radio/television and spent time writing music in Vancouver and Toronto. By age 10, McDowall was active in Toronto at public speaking competitions and had been playing and improvising and writing on piano, violin and other musical instruments since a young age. A fascination with guitar began later- leading to later Composition studies with American composer James Tenney and also Jazz studies with other BC,Toronto and New York musicians. McDowall first began performing professionally as a young guitarist in high school. McDowall has had a fascination with radio and music since a young age.

Past radio interview and podcast highlights include JUNO winners Fond of Tigers, Christine Jensen,Ken Lister and Barry Elmes and Order of Canada recipients Sonny Greenwich,Phil Dwyer and Don Thompson. Check out some of Canada's best talent and interviews on podcast from numerous brilliant current Canadian musicians with a focus on British Columbia. New and past tracks also from the US and Europe and more.

Join Rhythmaning live on Mondays at 5-7 pm at CHLY 101.7 FM. Tune in live online at www.chly.ca. Free weekly Rhythmaning jazz podcasts including local interviews and show updates and news on the website www.rhythmaning.ca. Play or subscribe or download over 150 podcasts. Rhythmaning podcasts are available on iTunes.

on iTunes at:

Rhythmaning is available for download or play and subscription. The following link is best viewed in Mozilla or Internet Explorer: http://feed.dailysplice.com/CHLY/rhythmaning/rss

To view the Rhythmaning website, download shows and the latest news: www.rhythmaning.ca and www.chly.ca

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 |  55 - 62 min. |   Apr 15, 2014 at 09:22 AM171 Episode(s)
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