Not Rocket Science: Episodes

Repeat of Jan 14, 2012
Repeat of episode Nov 19, 2011.
Repeat of episode from Oct 22, 2011
This week the Not Rocket Science crew discuss what's up the sky, scanning tunneling microscopes, computer news, and toxic seeds. Episode length: 26:28
This week the Not Rocket Science crew discusses ancient lead jewelry from the heavens, how to evaluate the risks and benefits of run of the river projects, and patent laws that can affect computers. Episode length: 26:57.
general chat
Dr. Dave Bigelow is back with I've Got (math) Problems; Drs. Erick Krogh & Steven Earle explore what ice cores can tell us in Science of CLimate Change; a chemistry student talks about the chemistry of coffee. Show length 28:11
Today the Not Rocket Science crew discuss muzzling of federal scientists, google glasses, and cinnamon chemicals. Episode length: 27:25 minutes.
Sou-vaillence and black holes ....
We've got a new math problem this week and discuss turmeric. Episode length: 29:00 minutes.
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