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sending us ...
Melodic, moody sounds with a slight sense of melancholy are interspersed between the rhythms on this slice of the Pulse!

This includes Tinariwen's new album 'Tassili' with pensive sadness in their poetic lyrics; Also we'll shuffle to some vintage Ethiopian jazz and end up visiting one of the seven ...

1) Nigel Hayes - 'I'm the Instrument'
2) Oka - 'Music Makes Me Happy'
3) Mr. Scruff - 'Get a Move On'
4) Tony Allen - 'Every Seasons' (Afrotropic remix reconstructed by Nu Tropic)
5) Solid Groove - 'Flookin'
6) Mafikizola - 'Morena' (Kenny Dope remix)
7) Novalima - 'Mayoral'
8) Nickodemus ...
Take in the lush scenery & scents on this sonic expedition of the Pulse!

Breathe in the ancient rhythms of Morrocco and find yourself with sand between your toes among the Kel Tamashek's heavy blues; Hook up with Malian superstars and old-timer musicians from Benin with their flashy comeback album; ...
Ready to dip into a little audio vacation? Salsa with fresh tropical beats and much more is on the menu for this episode of Pandemic Pulse! When the show was on the airwaves the studio booth got pretty hot (I forgot to put on the air vent..) Mix that with summer and there you have it: Some accidental ...
Sometimes when you stop and take a good look around you, the realization sinks in: The environment where you live and the community you are part of affect your overall well-being, your mind-set and growth.

I feel blessed, for I notice that there is a multitude of amazing individuals in my community ...
A kidnapping that is mutually beneficial and positive for both the kidnapped and the kidnapper can only happen when it engages finely-tuned ears and eager feet with wonderful loud music (Besides..You'll be released after a mere 2 hours of groovy sounds. Promise.)

Don't make me tie you up.

x Thalie

1) ...
We start off in North Africa, hitting up Iraq and Algeria on the way for a few tracks before moving the scene around like a game of random checkers.
Dirty(tongue in cheek)funk tunes blend together with other powerful female soul vocalists who tell you the way it is before we run into heavy afrobeat ...
A little ambiance, electronica and outernational noise goes a long way.
Add a dash o'dub and other grooves and let it lull you into a mode of sensory bliss. Love to you all! Big smiles,

DJ Thalie

1) Nigel Hayes - 'I am the Instrument'
2) Los de Abajo - 'La Candela'
3) Magic Juan ft. Puerto ...
This edition of Pandemic Pulse is adrift with international free-flowing down-tempo electronica. The musical stream eventually winds its way down to more acoustic scenery to float your boat and to chillax to. Why? Because I had a feeling it would suit the day.

1) Federico Aubele - 'Berlin'
2) ...
Nonsensical editions are always the best. Show up with a bundle of albums and mash it all together until it vaguely resembles the stew you ate last night. It didn't look all that good, but it tasted diverse. I mean, nutritious.

For your listening pleasure with big grins,


1) Mojarra ...
Highlife, Juju, Apala and then some. Yep, we are rolling along with all these musical genres in this version of the Pulse... And then:

Shit happens when you head on out without a compass into the African continent.
After hanging about in Western Africa for a good while, the focus suddenly shifted ...
Hey there fellow music lovers! Some great tunes to accompany that bright cheery orb in the sky this week! Get ready for funk, soul and other genres to penetrate your eardrums and don't forget to DANCE and wear a big grin simultaneously.
With sunny smiles,


1) Soulshakers - 'Jazz de Club ...
Juicy tracks filled with beats and other healthy sounds! I love a lot of these tracks and mixing them together is always fun.. Enjoy it and have a fabulous week!



...And the track list:

1) Herbaliser - 'Scratchy Noise'
2) Terry Hall & Mushtaq - 'Ten Eleven'
3) Tanya Tagaq ...
Steamy sounds from sunny regions with a dublicious interlude to boot!

Ignore the rain! Wear sunglasses! Pretend you're in a bar on a tropical beach! Whatever! It IS Spring!

Sunny smiles,


1) Son Palenque - 'Palenque Palenque'
2) Juaneco y su Combo - 'Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo'
3) ...
...Float away with two hours of outernational music - No life vest required, just one of those handy electronic devices that have speakers attached to 'em. Have a fabulous week, enjoy Spring and have fun dodging the rain drops on the West Coast!
With love,


1) Mercan Dede - 'Ab-I-Hazan'
2) ...
From North-American Blues to the soulful sounds of the Roma, this week's edition of Pandemic Pulse eventually ends up in the Saharan desert where your camel is your lifeboat and your waterbottle is your salvation. Don't get a parched throat - drink it all in!

With love,


Your list of ...
This version of the Pulse brings you plenty of rain interspersed with splashes of delicious dub and reggae! A few bolts of ethereal electronica are inserted to break up those sonic dub clouds. Don't forget to bring your umbrella unless you like to dance in the rain.

Below you'll find the cloudy conditions ...
This edition of the Pulse presents a healthy tropical combo, consisting out of contemporary Cumbia and Brasilian beats! Toss it all together and voila! A smile suddenly appears on your face and your feet are attending a private dance party!

With much love,


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