People First Radio: Episodes

Raise the Rates says MLAs accepting the challenge would be engaging in real action research and gain understanding (Jean Swanson)
Austin Mardon, Order of Canada recipient, to receive an honourary degree for his mental health awareness work (Austin Mardon)
Nanaimo artist and activist Wallace Malay will present about art, mental illness, and stigma at New York conference (Wallace Malay)
Jean Oliver is working to highlight the gaps in mental health services by organizing an event that will 'connect the dots' (Jean Oliver)
A violent incident in Nanaimo has refocused attention on bullying, schools, parents and social media (Sibylle Artz)
Working in harmony with natural principles, method maximizes effect while minimizing the work involved (Javan Kerby Bernakevitch)
Community dental clinic in Nanaimo will provide dental care for people with low incomes (Leanne Salter)
U.S. disclosure and a shocking Ontario abuse case bring new attention to a disturbingly common problem (Lee Stones)
Hoarding is primarily an issue of mental health, but its effects can be very dangerous to safety as well (Don Collett)
Report confirms that B.C. isn't providing even the most basic legal aid needs and calls for increased funding (Alison Brewin)
Support programs and peer networking help dads to become better fathers and stay in their kids' lives (Brandon Hay, CM Justice)
Evalena Schwartz is a quirky, endearing character who brings a unique perspective on life, love, and art (Annemarie Richmond, Tamara Nachtigall)
Dr. Shao-Hua Lu on increased gambling exposure and how it could cause a spike in gambling addictions (Dr. Shao-Hua Lu)
Bipolar disorder (BD) is often characterized by periods of highly creative thoughts and behaviours (Erin Michalak, Eric Youngstrom)
Autoethnography is a powerful way to investigate personal & cultural issues, including trauma & illness (Carolyn Ellis)
Local gallery appeals for funds so that its programs for all people--including people with disabilities--are available
Urban food production and sustainability challenge notions of private property and home ownership (Dirk Becker, Marjorie Stewart)
Patricia Melo and Renato Coelho share cross-cultural experiences from Nanaimo in an online blog (Patricia Melo, Renato Coelho)
Church says it is part of the community—and it has been part of the community for a very long time (Brian Evans, Muriel MacKay-Ross)
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