NYT: John Tierney's Column: Episodes

A do-nothing Congress is bad for the local economy. But it's fine for the rest of the country.
What bothers me most about the “Borat” movie is its premise: that villagers who have not embraced Western values are violently anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic and misogynistic.
Have you been trying to ignore this election? Then you owe it to your country to vote today. It’s the rest of the us who should stay home.
Contrary to what you may have heard, humanity will not run out of seafood in your lifetime or anyone else’s.
Republicans are hoping that righteous voters will come through for them on Election Day. But this year looks like the revenge of the sinners.
Oct. 31 has become known as Slutoween and Dress-Like-a-Whore-Day, much to the distress of moralists on both the left and right.
The problem in Iraq is that Iraqis have so many social obligations more important to them than national unity.
I don’t want to begrudge the Nobel Peace Prize won last week by the Grameen Bank and its founder, Muhammad Yunus. But has he done more good than Sam Walton?
When it comes to global warming, we need to balance uncertain future benefits against certain costs today.
I am disappointed with American voters, or at least the ones who show up in public-opinion polls.
If only the fit survive, why are there still human beings eager to try a sport called man-fishing?
Congress sees nothing strange about dragging teenagers from their families and schools to become pages, one step below a squire in the feudal food chain.
A proposed ban on trans fat in New York City restaurants is the biggest step yet in turning the Big Apple into the Big Nanny.
I never thought the National Academy of Sciences was cynical enough to publish a political tract like the new report on discrimination against female scientists and engineers.
Drug prohibition in Bolivia and Afghanistan has done exactly what alcohol prohibition did in America: it has financed organized crime.
The Sundem/Tierney Unified Celebrity Theory is an equation for predicting the odds that a celebrity marriage will last.
Once again Osama bin Laden has beaten America at an American game: public relations.
The terrorist threat is still small — it’s the terrorism industry that got bigger.
Tallinn, the capital of Estonia — with a beautifully preserved medieval quarter along with new skyscrapers, gleaming malls and sprawling housing developments — is an economic model for New Europe.
The Republican Party’s principles are up for grabs.
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