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The economic pinch makes it tempting not to give to charities this year. It's important to make it a top priority, however, says our personal finance contributor.
A weaker paycheck and rising expenses are no excuse for cheating your savings account. Our personal finance advisor offers tip on how to shake the nickels and dimes from household budgets.
Our personal finance contributor says one way to increase your budget is to sell those unneeded items stored in your garage or closet. She offers tips on the most lucrative way to do this.
If you have debt on your credit card, forget giving gifts says our personal finance contributor. Regardless, start with a budget and consider the benefits of non-monetary gifts.
Colder weather means a different kind of budgeting. Heating and lighting costs are only some of the issues to consider. Our personal finance contributor shares easy ways to save energy and money and even avoid family feuds.
Unemployment is at its highest level in years. How does one decide if it's better to collect unemployment than to take part-time work? Personal finance contributor Michelle Singletary offers answers.
The new FHA Hope for Homeowners program is aiming to help people save their homes from foreclosure. But before signing up, there are some costs to consider. Our personal finance contributor breaks down the basics of the program.
How will the latest bailout bill impact your home? Is it sensible to keep a home as an investment? Our personal finance contributor answers listener questions about the current economic situation.
As companies teeter on the brink of bankruptcy, the price of their stocks look more and more appealing. Our personal finance expert examines whether these bargain stocks are worth purchasing.
The number one sin people commit in investing is putting all their eggs in one basket, says Michelle Singletary. She offers tips on the best way to diversify and explains the importance of appreciating assets.
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