Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

A documentary about a controversial chimp language experiment, trying to learn from how nature assembles materials, and trip to a green roof.
Your tips for a sciency summer vacation, the cocaine habits of Freud and Halsted.
A trial of stem cells for repairing heart attack damage, how the organisms that share our world have shaped us, a potential bananapocalypse, and a video about cilia.
Search-and-replace on bacterial DNA, a new social network from Google, and the bane of the backyard gardener: weeds.
Multi-drug resistant strain of gonorrhea, funding for the successor to the Hubble, and a look at efficiency and lighting.
Shifting to a more renewable energy economy, looking at prehistoric rock art.
Using science to raise the perfect porterhouse, the gentics of the iconic longhorn cattle, and a video about a composting king.
scifri20110701-hr2 -
High-tech recipes for your summer BBQ, a new book about Sex,
Your brain on hammocks, preparing for the robot uprising, greener paving options, and the origins of the word radio.
Summer forecast for the Gulf of Mexico, a summit for top student thinkers, and student inventors create a better wheelchair.
A trip to the outer edge of the solar system, and a look at the history of information and how people interact with it.
New research into black holes, use of untested therapies by athletes, solar energy business.
Looking at black swan events, how aging infrastructure and outmoded communications hobble the electrical grid.
Holding on to antihydrogen for minutes at a time, looking for genetic clues to autism, and building hearts and bones.
A new 3D map of the local universe, using literature to help doctors, and a conversation with pediatric oncologist and novelist Chris Adrian.
Moving beyond friending, cyber attacks as an act of war, smells to battle mosquito attacks, and a video about sunspot science.
New research using Apollo soil samples, 50 years since the JFK moon challenge, and how hummingbirds slurp.
How bacteria can influence hail, dyscalculia and your sense for numbers, Science Diction: syphilis.
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