Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

Experts say some 8000 bridges are in dire need of repair -- but at what cost?
Scientists sequenced the genome of a Denisovan -- a distant cousin to modern humans and Neanderthals.
Are the movements of wildfires as predictable as the weather? And does climate change cause bigger, hotter blazes?
The rover is on its way to Glenelg, an area where scientists hope to drill into bedrock.
Neuroscientist David Eagleman exposes our unconscious minds in his latest book <em>Incognito.</em>
'Carbon Nation' bills itself as a 'climate change solutions movie, that doesn’t even care if you believe in climate change.'
Scientists have traced the roots of languages like English and Spanish back to present-day Turkey.
Astronomers have found a massive galaxy cluster that’s making stars at a record pace.
Actress and math education advocate Danica McKellar tackles geometry in her latest book.
Vaccine researcher Gary Nabel discusses the ongoing quest to develop a universal flu vaccine.
Caltech's solar toilet took top prize in the <em>Reinvent the Toilet Challenge</em>.
Water travels to city dwellers by way of old, leaky pipes that are tricky to replace.
A study links type O blood with a lower risk of heart disease--but not all docs agree.
Internet "curator" Maria Popova describes her brand of "combinatorial creativity."
Peer into the anxious mind of writer Daniel Smith with the SciFri Book Club.
What’s it like to build tools for Curiosity? Intense.
Mars Science Laboratory project scientist John Grotzinger describes plans for the Curiosity rover, now in Gale Crater on Mars.
A look back at the fictional boy inventor and his 100 year legacy.
The Aspen Center for Physics, a mountain retreat for theoretical physicists, turns 50 this year.
Researchers are using an arsenal of techniques to cure Alzheimer’s, some with disappointing results.
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