Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

An update on the flu season, a personal look at genome testing, a fuel cell of microbes and mud, and the history of the word tuberculosis.
Building a transistor from a single atom, companies sidestepping web privacy controls, new research into geologic activity on the moon.
Federal agency approves a license to build two nuclear reactors, a look at concrete--from its use in the Paleolithic Age to modern greener alternatives, and a linguist unveils thousands of audio recordings of words and sentences from dying languages.
A potential for seven gigawatts of solar power farms, the health effects of large quantities of fructose, the health effects of smog exposure, and cuttlefish camouflage.
Why it may not be to late to learn how to play a musical instrument, and two experts explain the audio science behind the music.
A drug given to mice with Alzheimers quickly improved symptoms, NYT science writer William Broad investigates popular health claims about yoga, theories on where the next supercontinent will form, and a look at the pupil.
Experts discuss the military and commercial applications of increasingly sophisticated drones, and a study details how researchers decoded brain electrical activity to reconstruct speech.
Studying the composition of the Milky Way, why people find things disgusting, tracking the progression of Alzheimers in mouse brains, and a video about the making of the iconic Earth-from-space images.
An early trial of stem cell therapy, making scientific research more open, and what an ancient skull find can tell us about our history with domesticated dogs.
Scientists have created a soap containing iron, solar flares and their effects, mobile payment options, and the coolness of ice.
The surgeon behind a recent synthetic windpipe transplant, a look at new projects in wind power and geothermal energy, the technology behind ship navigation, and the origins of the word moon.
NCSE on teaching about climate, a psychologist discusses meditation and mindfullness, a look at recent meteorites from mars, and a video about speedy critters.
Tattoos of the science obsessed, a surgeon takes readers behind the operating room doors, and Arianna Huffington discusses a new science section at The Huffington Post.
American Astronomical Society meeting, Lawrence Krauss on modern cosmology, a strain of tuberculosis that thwarts all antibiotics, and a video about computing with bubbles.
A parasitic fly may threaten honey bees, and a panel of experts discusses the science of the winter season.
New research suggests placebos may have the power to heal in certain applications, a microbiologist and a biosecurity expert debate publishing two studies, and a video about flies in zero G.
Twin NASA probes ready to enter lunar orbit, how research is done on extreme terrain in Antarctica, and keeping your New Year resolutions.
Four journalists join Ira Flatow to discuss the top science stories of 2011.
The science adviser for the chemistry-themed tv series, an expedition to save a woodpecker, and the annual Christmas Bird Count.
A search for Earth-sized exoplanets, Harold Varmus, and bridge engineering.
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