Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

Two archaeologists weigh in on what the ancient Maya actually said about 2012. Spoiler: not much.
Stem cell implants slowed the onset of symptoms -- and scientists say human trials aren't far behind.
Thousands of citizen scientists are taking part in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count.
Astronomer Steven Vogt discusses a new discovery of a potentially habitable exoplanet.
Edwin Land, the inventor behind Polaroid, is the subject of a new book by Christopher Bonanos.
Teleporting data.. time travel.. quantum computers. Sci-fi or science reality? 'Quantum mechanic' Seth Lloyd joins us to talk about the mysteries of the quantum world.
Ten days is all it takes your brain to right a world that looks upside down.
What does intelligence really mean? Can we build a machine that thinks as humans do?
Rick Bates, of Penn State University, shares handy tips for how to care for your Christmas tree.
Calling all scientists! How do you explain the concept of time to an 11-year-old?
NASA officials weigh in on the flurry of planetary science news from the past week.
Two astronauts answer your questions and discuss the many curiosities of living in space.
Bacteria locked under Antarctic lake ice may shed light on life’s limits, and the possibility of life on other worlds.
Biologists are using data tags and a National Geographic Crittercam to study the dining habits of the largest animal on the planet.
The film tells the stories of a soldier addicted to painkillers, and a doctor with no time for her patients.
A comedian and a neuroscientist walk into a bar.. er, nevermind. Tig Notaro and Robert Provine talk about why we laugh at even the grimmest of subjects, like cancer and death.
The law has many protections for patients -- but could it cause higher premiums and doctor shortages?
A perennial holiday mystery: will alcohol kill bacteria in homemade eggnog?
A new documentary explores how climate change is affecting the world's glaciers.
Join the SciFri Book Club regulars for a look back, er...up, at 'The Right Stuff.'
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