Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

The world record for the high jump is just over 8 feet--that’s like leaping over a stop sign.
The cat and mouse game between drug-taking athletes and scientists trying to catch them.
A schizophrenic neuroscience professor is TV’s newest nerdy crimefighter.
As Antarctica warms, its ice sheets are sliding into the ocean--raising sea levels across the globe.
Now that federal funds have dried up, Florida's Aquarius undersea lab faces an uncertain future.
Researchers hone in on where cancer cells live for answers about drug resistance.
A silky solution to the age old question of how to keep drugs viable without refrigeration.
After years on the slow track, America’s high-speed rail may finally be building momentum.
Researchers say heat waves are 20 times more likely today than in the 1960s, due to global warming.
When a controversial paper comes out, skeptical scientists can attempt to replicate the study. But how many scientists have the time--and money--to police bad science?
Think caffeine dehydrates you? Or that you can't get too much water on a hot day? Douglas Casa, of the Korey Stringer Institute, sets the record straight.
Can your eyes and ears affect your taste buds?
Physicists have finally discovered the elusive Higgs boson--or at least something a lot like it.
A look at the science of sunscreen: how it intercepts the sun's rays, whether it blocks vitamin D production, and what SPF really means.
Mayo myth-busters, a ketchup jar that never jams, and a salute to the pickle.
Why scientists have come to blows -- literally -- over who gets the glory for a discovery.
<em>Silent Spring</em> revisited: Ira Flatow and Flora Lichtman host the first SciFri Book Club meeting.
We’ll check in with crewmembers on board the International Space Station, just days before several are scheduled to return to Earth after months in orbit
He never spoke, but affected many. We’ll look back on the life of the Galapagos icon Lonesome George.
Rising sea levels are swallowing up U.S. coastlines--with a flood of consequences onshore.
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