Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

Andromeda and Milky Way will collide in 4 billion years, ex-spy sats given to NASA, and what lies ahead for private rocket company SpaceX.
Tracking malicious computer code, a link between stem cells and vascular disease, and understanding how a flame works.
Got high blood pressure? There is an app for that! Plus, a father reflects on family life, heartbreaking loss, and how he thinks the medical system failed his son.
Paralyzed rats regain their footing, why ignorance is key to scientific discovery, a look at two different microbes and their unusual stories, and glowing millipedes.
A look at Lyme disease, and research into conquering phobias.
An ancient turtle, looking at food preferences and culture, and the search for a tastier tomato.
Gathering an urban harvest from rooftops and vacant lots, and the connection between thinking and scratching.
Upcoming solar eclipse, controlling a robot arm via thought, rewiring damaged nerve connections, and an upcoming private launch to the ISS.
Hiding messages in information, the documentary series The Weight of the Nation, tracking down a norovirus outbreak, and a band that plays trashy instruments.
A new study shows hidden racial attitudes are playing a role in the 2012 presidential vote. Plus, a grassroots group is calling for a presidential debate based on science and technology issues.
Thorium reactors for nuclear energy, an experiment you can try at home, and moving to cloud computing.
Research into drug treatment, actress Mayim Bialik, and public opnions regarding climate change policy.
A play about concussions in athletes, a company plans to mine the asteroids, a look at cancer care and treatment, and a video about robot fish.
Astronaut and astrophysicist John Grunsfeld leads NASA investigations of Earth and beyond, and Jon Gertner writes of how Bell Labs became a hotspot for innovation.
James Cameron, Sylvia Earle and John McCosker talk about the sights and creatures of the deep ocean.
From miniatures to motion capture, a look at how movie visual effects technology has evolved, and a look inside a new bridge span for the San Fransisco Bay.
From beavers to flying squirrels -- researchers discuss how cities like New York are home to diverse plant and animal life. Plus, a video about coyotes in the Big Apple.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg discusses his vision to turn the Big Apple into the technology capital of the world, and paleoanthropologist Ian Tattersall discusses our human origins.
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