Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

Caltech's solar toilet took top prize in the <em>Reinvent the Toilet Challenge</em>.
Water travels to city dwellers by way of old, leaky pipes that are tricky to replace.
A study links type O blood with a lower risk of heart disease--but not all docs agree.
Internet "curator" Maria Popova describes her brand of "combinatorial creativity."
Peer into the anxious mind of writer Daniel Smith with the SciFri Book Club.
What’s it like to build tools for Curiosity? Intense.
Mars Science Laboratory project scientist John Grotzinger describes plans for the Curiosity rover, now in Gale Crater on Mars.
A look back at the fictional boy inventor and his 100 year legacy.
The Aspen Center for Physics, a mountain retreat for theoretical physicists, turns 50 this year.
Researchers are using an arsenal of techniques to cure Alzheimer’s, some with disappointing results.
The stars of these films usually have only one cell.
Apple and Samsung enter the courtroom in a battle over the way their mobile devices work, look, and feel.
NASA scientist John Grunsfeld gives a preview of the Mars Curiosity mission, from the landing’s ‘seven minutes of terror’ to the plans for the exploration ahead.
Former climate change skeptic Richard Muller describes his evolving views on climate change science.
How science stacks up against other issues discussed and debated on the campaign trail.
Scientists are making tiny microchips that can breathe, digest and pump blood like human organs.
Are you resilient? Writer Andrew Zolli describes how he thinks "resilience science" can help us weather life’s big and small catastrophes.
Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Adam Riess takes your questions on dark energy and the cosmos.
A tribute to space pioneer Sally Ride, America's first female astronaut
From aerodynamic bikes to “fast pools,” a look at how technology impacts sporting success.
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