Science Friday Audio Podcast: Episodes

Astronomers have found a planet about the size of Earth, far enough from its star to host liquid water.
E.O. Wilson discusses the recovery and biodiversity of Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park.
Climate change has already cut yields of wheat and corn, taking a bite out of gains achieved by better farming technology.
Aczel's latest book chronicles the New Atheist movement, taking aim at scientists like Richard Dawkins.
Evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin takes us through the evolutionary story of how the human body evolved from our fish and reptilian ancestors.
Plant physiologist Abby van den Berg traces how maple sap flows through trees and onto your plate.
The final novel from <em>My Side of the Mountain</em> author Jean Craighead George takes children underneath the Arctic Ocean.<br />
Paraplegics were able to stand and move their legs again with the help of a spinal implant.
To learn how alcohol affects relationships, scientists mix prairie voles a drink.
The lunar eclipse on Tuesday, April 15, will be visible from all over North and South America.
Bill Nye stops by to chat about teaching science, launching solar sails into space, and more.
Phages added to packaged beef or spinach could cut down on <em>E. coli</em> bacteria outbreaks.
An anthropologist, a psychologist, and a crime writer ask: Are humans hard-wired for violence?<br />
Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, may have an underground ocean the size of Lake Superior. <br />
Clearing and staining gobies, stingrays, and sharks has revealed to scientist Adam Summers critical data, as well as the beauty of each fish’s unique form.
What's wrong with modern physics—and could alternative theories explain our observations of the universe?
NASA suspended a majority of its communications with Russia in response to the conflict in Crimea.
Texas and California dominate the U.S. in wind power generation—but Iowa isn't far behind.
The bugs meet the bots in the world of swarm robotics.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Build a machine that can make art.
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