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For less than $100 a year, a member of Sam's Club can get a personalized health prevention plan. They also get two health coaching sessions, access to a 24/7 nurse hotline and online health tracking tools. It's the latest effort by Walmart, which owns Sam's Club, to push further into the health field.
The nation's biggest banks have been reporting quarterly profits, and some of the numbers have been impressive. Bank of America, the country's biggest bank, reported losses but other big banks made billions of dollars last year. David Wessel of <em>The Wall Stree Journal</em> talks to Renee Montagne ...
Google co-founder Larry Page is taking over as CEO in an unexpected shake-up that upstaged the Internet search leader's fourth-quarter earnings. Page reclaims the top job from Eric Schmidt, who had been brought in as CEO a decade ago.
With demand for bison meat outpacing supply, U.S. bison ranchers hope to recruit more people into their industry. A shortage of bison is pushing prices close to record highs.
JPMorgan Chase overcharged more than 4,000 active-duty military personnel on their home loans and foreclosed in error on 14 of them. The company said it would send out $2 million worth of refunds to 4,000 active-duty customers who were affected.
Giving + Learning, a nonprofit in Fargo, N.D., matches up retirees with refugees. In the past decade, volunteers have taught refugees how to speak English, how to drive -- or they have simply visited those without a car or job who may feel isolated.
Electric cars are all the rage at the North American International Auto Show. The star of the Detroit show is the Chevy Volt, and there are plenty of others on display. Still, experts say electric cars will account for only a small sliver of sales for the foreseeable future.
Officials in the Obama administration want to lower the 35 percent corporate tax rate, which is one of the highest in the world. Ways to pay for that could include closing loopholes and eliminating deductions. David Wessel of <em>The Wall Street Journal </em>talks to Renee Montagne about some of the ideas.
Visitors to Rome now have to pay an extra tax to stay at hotels in the Italian capital. Critics say the new tax, of up to $4 per night depending on the class of hotel, will dissuade tourists from coming to Rome. Cash-strapped local officials say the tax will boost city funds by more than $100 million per year.
Some economists who testified about the global financial crisis were compensated by financial firms. As economists gathered for a meeting in Denver, several urged adopting a code of ethics to help restore credibility to their profession. Others aren't so sure a code is needed.
Israel has announced a major natural gas find. Last month's discovery is the largest gas field found anywhere in the past 10 years. It could turn the tiny energy consuming nation into an energy exporter.
By some estimates, private-sector employers added nearly 300,000 jobs last month, but it still feels like a bad job market for millions of Americans. Some job seekers are turning to temporary work to fill in the gap. Others are finding positions in the retail, health care and aerospace industries.
Shopping haulers are one of the fastest growing trends on YouTube. It's where bloggers find bargains at stores like Macy's and TJ Maxx and create a video showing off the items. The posts can help companies generate buzz -- but those same companies can lose credibility fast if they give gift cards or ...
The 112th Congress convenes for the first time Wednesday. Republicans now hold the majority in the House, and gained seats in the Senate. What does that means for economic policy? David Wessel, economics editor of <em>The Wall Street Journal</em>, talks to Steve Inskeep about the economic agenda of the ...
New technology being tested in France, lets drivers find free parking spots in real time. The technology, which uses cell phones, is being developed together with the French space agency. There is a downside, however, the system also tells the authorities when your meter has expired.
Craft distillers are catering to drinkers who have a taste for the regional and the unique. They're still just a fraction of the market, but more small-batch spirits are showing up on liquor-store shelves, next to pints of Jack Daniel's and Everclear.
Buying billboard space at New York City's Times Square is kind of like paying for a Super Bowl ad. It's very expensive, but you know millions of people will see what you're selling -- especially in December, when New York is packed with tourists.
The top seller in the video game industry was the military blockbuster <em>Call of Duty: Black Ops</em>. But casual gamers couldn't seem stop playing <em>Angry Birds</em> on their smart phones. Brian Crecente, editor of the video game blog Kotaku.com, talks to Renee Montagne about the year in video games.
This holiday season, close to 16 billion cards, letters and packages were delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. The vast majority of those made it to their destinations. But some of them got lost in the mail and end up at the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta.
There are 35 light rail systems operating in the U.S. today. At least 13 metro areas are currently building others, and many more are being planned. Cities see light rail as a way to reshape their development.
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