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Astronauts prep for spacewalk, and new weather tracking instrument installed on station. Questions? Use #spacetoground to talk to us.
Orion moved at KSC, Delta IV Heavy moved to pad, U.S. spacewalks previewed and more...
What's Up for October? A lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse and Mars has a close encounter with a comet.
Dragon delivers science and a new Expedition 41 trio joins the station. Questions or comments? Use #spacetoground to talk to us.
New crew launches to ISS, Clinton Global Initiative, SpaceX Dragon arrives at ISS and more...
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has collected its first sample from the base of Mount Sharp. The scientific allure of the layered mountain drew the team to choose this part of Mars as a landing site.
Join NASA 360 as they follow 18 teams of citizen inventors from across the globe advance technologies that will support the space missions of tomorrow. Their novel approaches bring new perspectives to NASA’s efforts and benefit not only NASA but the nation.
SpaceX Dragon and Soyuz spacecraft launching to station soon, and 3D printing in space. Questions? Use #spacetoground to talk to us!
Returning human spaceflight to America, SpaceX CRS-4 mission previewed, Astronaut visits commercial partner and more...
Moon and planet pairings at dawn and dusk. Spot elusive Mercury. Some comets. And more.
New crew on the station, a robot repairs itself and extiguishing fires in space. Question or comment? Use #spacetoground to talk to us.
NASA is constantly looking into ways to make flying safer and more efficient.  On this episode of NASA X follow testing on new vertical tail design, engines, and see why NASA is firing bugs at aircraft wings.
The This Week At NASA crew is on a short mid-year hiatus, – but we thought we’d leave you with a quick look back at some of the big and exciting news featured so far in 2014 on This Week at NASA.
NASA EDGE checks out the experiments heading to the International Space Station and the CubeSats being launched during SpaceX's 3rd resupply mission.
Autonomous lander test, Aloha LDSD, Ready to build InSight, and more...
Launch preps for new station trio, plant science in space and Soyuz rocket mechanics. Question or comment? Use #spacetoground to talk to us.
NASA center renamed, Space station crews on the move, Asteroid mission gear tested and more...
Crew returns to Earth, fighting bone loss in space and how long can a Soyuz stay at station? Question or comment? Use #spacetoground to talk to us.
Crew preps for return to Earth, a garden in space and your photos of station! Question or comment? Use #spacetoground to talk to us.
Underground water on Saturn moon, LADEE update, Women in Aerospace and more...
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