NASA Student Opportunities: Episodes

An exceptional NASA employee, who began her career as a co-op student in the 1960s, encourages students to persevere.
A NASA education associate explores ways to rev up a nanosatellite for a rendezvous with a near-Earth asteroid.
Wichita State University students explain the process of flying an experiment aboard a NASA Reduced Gravity Aircraft.
A freshman at UC Berkeley investigates technologies affecting soccer balls, home ventilation and photography while working as a NASA education associate.
College students selected for the first annual Small Spacecraft Summer Study Project describe their role in developing a lunar science orbiter.
Spaceward Bound student participants describe their expedition to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.
A recent San Jose State University graduate explains how research he conducted as a NASA education associate helped him earn his master's degree in biology.
A University of Texas at Austin aerospace engineering student says the NASA co-op experience is almost invaluable to undergraduates.
A recent University of Washington graduate describes her journey from the inner city of Memphis, Tenn., to a career in the aerospace industry.
Three Exploration Systems Mission Directorate interns share an inside view of the internship experience.
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