Song of the Day: Episodes

Adam Svec - "Resolution" from his new album, "Rarefaction."
Lightspeed Champion - "Marlene" from the new album, "Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You."
Port O'Brien - "My Will Is Good" from the new album, "Threadbare."
Phantogram - "When I'm Small" from the new album, "Eyelid Movies."
Yeasayer - "O.N.E." from the new album, "Odd Blood."
Guante and Big Cats - "The National Anthem feat. Haley Bonar" from his new album, "An Unwelcome Guest."
Malachai - "Snowflake" from his new album, "Ugly Side of Love."
Owen Pallett - "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt" from his new album, "Heartland."
Andy Hull - "The Only One" from his new split 7" with Kevin Devine.
Kevin Devine - "I Could Be With Anyone" from his new split 7" with Andy Hull.
Caroline Smith and Jesse Shuster - "Tying My Shoes" from the new album, "Live At The Cedar."
Magnetic Fields - "We Are Having A Hootenanny" from the new album, "Realism."
Midlake - "Acts of Man" from the new album, "The Courage of Others."
Beach House - "Norway" from the new album, "Teen Dream."
Fout Tet - "Love Cry" from the new album, "There Is Love In You."
Minnesota Music - Dessa - "Chaconne" from her new album, "A Badly Broken Code."
Eels - "A Line In The Dirt" from the new album, "End Times."
The Soft Pack - "C'Mon" from their self-titled album.
Spoon - "Written In Reverse" from their new album, "Transference."
Minnesota Music - The Daredevil Christopher Wright - "The East Coast" from the album, "In Deference To A Broken Back."
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