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Episode: Part-time vs. Full-time MBA 
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When considering the pursuit of an MBA, one of the first options you're likely weighing is going back full-time versus part-time. Historically it has been deemed that for graduate students in business, the decision to attend school full-time vs. part-time largely depends on whether you want to continue on a pre-established career path or alternatively change careers or industries. However with the recent recession and unemployment trends, more prospective MBA candidates are trying to maintain their current jobs, pursue a part-time MBA and in some cases use their new network of schoolmates, or career placement offices on campus, to parlay into a new career. Today, only 20% of business school students are enrolled in a full-time, two-year program. Part-time, evening and weekend programs account for half of current students and the rest are enrolled in executive, distance-learning and other smaller programs.
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