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Episode: Living Planet: France's nuclear nomads 
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The contractors who work in the radioactive areas of France's nuclear power plants have banded together to fight for safer working conditions; skiers and wildlife share the mountain at a ski resort in Vermont; an OECD report predicts a bleak future for the planet unless we change our consumption habits; and activists try to revive a dead river in Sao Paolo.French nuclear workers fight for safer working conditionsIn France, they're known as nuclear nomads: the contractors who work in radioactive areas of nuclear plants. They're underpaid for the dirty work they do, and often operate in dangerous conditions. Now they've formed and association and some are even suing over alleged workplace violations.
Report: Suzanne Krause / Dagmar Breitenbach
A ski resort goes greenAlpine ski resorts are not known for being particularly environmentally friendly. Trees are cut down to make wide runs, energy is used for the lifts and artificial snow is produced to keep the slopes covered when the weather isn't cooperating. But there's one ski resort in Vermont in the US that's taken a different route. Kateri Jochum strapped on her skis to take a tour.
Report: Kateri Jochum
OECD paints bleak picture with 2050 predictionsA new report by the OECD predicts a massive population and a growing economy that will put a lot of pressure on the world's resources and ecosystems. The organization's Environmental Outlook to 2050 warns that the pressure may simply be too much.
Report: Richard Fuchs
Activists try to revive a dead river in Sao PaoloBrazil's Tiete River turns into an open sewage once it reaches the city of Sao Paulo and has become a symbol of poor water management in the developing world. But some activists are stepping up and try to bring the river back to life.
Report: Milton Bragatti
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