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As the latest round of United Nations climate change talks winds up, find out why a leading climate activist is positive about the progress being made. Also, Indonesian rockers stand up for the environment.
29:52 mins
Wolf howls are becoming rare in Romania's forests and mountain ranges, volunteers clean up beaches in France, two young men turn plastic into a boat to paddle down the Elbe River.
29:51 mins
Developing countries catch up on renewables, plans to expand a coal port at Abbot Point threaten the Great Barrier Reef and volunteers in Australia nurture injured animals back to health. All here on Living Planet!
An Australian couple's mission to save a rare tree kangaroo, water flows in Kenya's desert, taming Europe's last wild rivers and flowers as an alternative to pesticides.
We're celebrating International Biodiversity day! Britain builds a bee highway, Cambodian seahorses dodge dynamite and a woman devotes her life to Latvia's bears.
Oil companies want to drill in Africa's oldest national park, Chinese poachers face charges in Philippines and climate experts explain the Impact of ice loss in the Antarctic.
Is land being sold too cheaply in Romania? Will Turkey obey orders to halt unsustainable building projects? Can Kenya bring power to 30 million people with homemade solar power?
Penguin protectors take to the streets, Ghana chokes on Europe's e-waste, and the UN asks if the oil era is ending.
Himalayan meadows are cut open for viagra, Spain builds on its last pristine beach and China takes the lead on domestic climate protection.
A new report warns that environmentalists are being murdered and that the violence is escalating. Europeans contemplate insect dinners as a source of protein. Farmers on the Mekong Delta drop pesticide in favor of flower nectar insect repellent.
As bee populations plummet, British conservationists come up with a unique rescue plan. As India's federal election opens, farmers demand protection against oil and gas drills that have destroyed their land. The final chapter of the IPCC report is released, offering solutions for dealing with CO2.
We splash into some of Europe's last remaining wild rivers, have a look at this week's decision in the Antarctic whaling case and chase after pesky gray squirrels in Scotland.
Governments around the world prepare to receive the most comprehensive report on climate change yet. Meanwhile, Kenyans rejoice at the discovery of billions of liters of water in one of their driest regions.
A Canadian forest protector shows us the healing power of trees, Pakistani fishing communties worry about life in the shadows of nuclear reactors and we ask about the fate of people displaced by climate change.
This week on Living Planet, the future of nuclear power, olive oil energy from Vienna and green economics in an island paradise.
This week on Living Planet, fish tagging in the Bosphorus, the UK's growing wine industry and Spain's wild horses.
This week on Living Planet, fake scorpions rescue sickly bees, conservationists escape killers in the Amazon and Kenya's youth farm with iPads.
Winter storms batter the US, floodwaters ravage Britain and locusts swarm crop fields in Madagascar. Who is going to pay as extreme weather smashes our cities, coastlines and farmland?
Following the killing of a healthy giraffe at the Copenhagen zoo, we ask about the role of zoos in the 21st century.
We visit the shores of a dolphin killing cove in Japan and follow and anti-fracking movement in western Canada.
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