Living Planet: Episodes

Expo Milano 2015: a fair to remember? A look behind the dog-eating decline in Hanoi & stranded sea lion pups forced ashore in California.
Harnessing the power of tides in the UK --- Chasing rare birds in West Africa -- And could Tesla’s home battery revolutionize energy storage?
A grim outlook for the world’s forests -- Uproar over Uganda’s plans for a hydroelectric dam -- Land erosion and climate change in the Sundarbans -- And rescue efforts to save Polynesia’s sea turtles.
29:52 mins
Denmark’s secret to wind power success – Global e-waste mounts – And a ticking time bomb threatens the DRC.
China’s food scares prompt organic measures -- California introduces new poultry regulations – Overdevelopment poses greater risks for Italy – And could aquaponics revolutionize urban food production?
Saving forests, elephants and rhinos by making paper from poo -- Easter Island tries to correct mistakes from the past -- Hundreds of owls have settled in Kikinda, Serbia
Spaces are dwindling for tigers in the Sundarbans, the vast mangrove forest shared by India and Bangladesh -- the Democratic Republic of Congo wants to shift the boundaries of its National Park to extract oil -- Wild boars roam the streets in Istanbul
From journalism to activism: the role of the media in the climate change debate -- France’s wind turbines get a make-over -- And discovering Rome’s underground garbage.
From oil spills in the Niger Delta to green roofs in New York City…
Revisiting Fukushima after the nuclear disaster, controversy looms over Nicaragua’s new canal & is blue the new green in terms energy?
Combating illegal logging and corruption in Asia, fighting international wildlife crime & detoxifying India’s arsenic water.
Mitigating climate change in Africa -- Living green in South Africa – Water scarcity in Kenya – And saving Africa’s anti-cancer tree.
Uncovering ancient civilizations in the Amazon using drones – pet ownership of lemurs threatens the primate's existence – And what happens to marine life in the Arctic polar night?
Indian farmers find innovative ways to combat drought, Malawians adopt climate-smart agricultural practices, Paris plans to ban diesel cars, and rituals help East Timor protect its environment.
Hunting dogs track poachers in a famous African national park – Can renewables end fuel poverty in oil-rich Nigeria? – Networking scientists to protect the world’s oceans – A new life for plastic waste thanks to 3D printers
Scientists predict large marine loss --- new techniques keep sharks at bay – and a surprising ingredient to gourmet coffee
Energy and climate challenges in the Arctic -- Peru’s condors battle with a controversial tradition -- Discovering the hidden value of human waste -- and Nigeria pushes for renewable energies
The European Parliament passes GM food law -- Spain’s wolves make a comeback -- Green cracks emerge in Poland -- and Nigeria looks to renewable energy sources.
London’s iconic phone box gets a solar make-over, reef checks help monitor coral reefs, Romania’s subsistence farms come under threat, and Rome’s tradition of eel-fishing nears an end.
For this New Year special, we listen back to some more of our much-loved stories from 2014: Rescuing ugly fruit and vegetables from France’s rubbish bins, restoring Jamaica's threatened coral reefs, rebuilding Christchurch with climate change in mind, and conserving one of Australia's scariest creatures.
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