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Winter storms batter the US, floodwaters ravage Britain and locusts swarm crop fields in Madagascar. Who is going to pay as extreme weather smashes our cities, coastlines and farmland?
Following the killing of a healthy giraffe at the Copenhagen zoo, we ask about the role of zoos in the 21st century.
We visit the shores of a dolphin killing cove in Japan and follow and anti-fracking movement in western Canada.
We visit the smoldering wasteland of Agbogbloshie in Ghana, where children tear apart old computers, washing machines and other electronic waste dumped here by rich nations.
Russian bird experts track movement across the sky, Chinese rubber plantations boost wealth but sear the environment and the EU retreats from its commitments on renewables.
Cambodian fishers toss dynamite onto coral reefs, Indian temples retrieve rotting flowers from the country's sacred rivers and a bear-lover raises her own wild cub at home.
Avocado farms drain riverbeds across central Chile, Arctic oil tempts northern nations, Germany's offshore wind turbines disturb marine life, and Cambodian loggers flee a fierce forest protector.
We kick off the new year at an eco-music fest in Bali, witness a street-battle in Australia and find out who's cooling the climate in 2014.
We take a look back at some of the best Living Planet stories from 2013, from climate change battlers, experts and refugees, to flatulent cows.
Jamaicans weavers work wonder with plastics, Germans axe monoculture Christmas trees and Chileans enter a corrosive battle with the mining industry.
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This week on Living Planet: all dressed up and nowhere to grow - young German farmers struggle to afford land, while the country's capital goes green. We visit India where they're battling to save an ancient forest and talk toilets in Cambodia.
We zip through the streets of Madrid with a swarm of bikers, tread lightly along the melting coastlines of Greenland and light up Ukraine with a zap of solar power.
India's Ganges clean-up causes a culture clash, New Zealand dismisses the world's first climate refugee case and Australia packs batteries with a zap of solar power.
As the UN's climate talks draw to a close, we talk to delegates about who will foot the bill for climate change damage. We also ask if we might be flushing away valuable resources when we use the toilet.
A pulp mill pollutes a river shared by Uruguay and Argentina, Bhutan battles glacial floods with innovation and climate experts warn that unpredictable weather could sink Western cities.
We trek through a lush Vietnamese forest, sip biodynamic wine in France and peek through the bars of a post-war zoo in Ivory Coast.
Electric cars zip through Norway, zero-impact tourists trek gently in China, Turkey goes nuclear and Brazil gasps for fresh air.
Splash in the Baltic Sea with the endangered harbor porpoise, roam the Spanish countryside with ancient wild horses and swoop past hunters' bullets in the skies over Malta. Do it all with Living Planet.
A month after Greenpeace tried to attach a banner to an oil rig in the Arctic, what is happening to the incarcerated 'Arctic 30?' Will Germany ever go greenhouse gas neutral? And could Argentina turn to tofu, as consumers there cut their beef consumption?
How environmentally friendly Bhutan is struggling to escape the forces of climate change - What Austrians are doing to save one of their last free-flowing rivers - The "mother of all animals" in Latvia - And a German farmer who can't help but show off his dairy cows online
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