Linux Outlaws: Episodes

A new Fedora Project Leader, TrueCrypt goes away, Open data for the European elections, Dwarf Fortress will get updated soon, some weird news and OggCamp is back
Cloud news, Ubuntu bondage, Steam in-house streaming, the POSReady registry hack for XP updates, Die Partei intends to "milk the EU", the White House mistakenly outs the CIA Station Chief in Kabul and a number of open source releases
Robyn Bergeron and Jono Bacon quit their jobs, Martin Bacon's coffee powered car, Canonical's new cloud, Novena laptop goes to production, China bans Windows 8 from government computers and an open source crypto chip
Oracle vs. Google, the right to be forgotten, hate speech laws, Firefox ads, security vulnerabilities in Samsung's NX300 camera, Unreal Tournament 4 and a number of open source releases
Net neutrality, PayPal exec goes full douchebag, the Dogecar in action, Firefox 29, OpenBSD fixes the year 2038 problem, Ubuntu lock screen bugs, GitHub things and a Minecraft war between the US and Denmark
The Utopic Unicorn beckons, the Linux Foundation has organised millions to fund critical software, ISC ends the development of BIND 10, the Banana Pi wants to take on the Raspberry Pi and the Neatgear port 32764 backdoor is back
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, OpenSSL gets forked, HTTPS is fucked anyway, the first part of the TrueCrypt audit is complete, Mozilla gets an iCEO, Lucas Nussbaum to remain DPL, Mt.Gox gives up, the sale of Nokia to Microsoft is complete and Fab gets married
Fab explains Heartbleed, Condie joins the Dropbox board, Roundcube 1.0, Civilization: Beyond Earth and we address the question if Fab is really Bill Nighy
Brendan Eich resigns as Mozilla CEO, Ubuntu One shuts down, Linus kicks Kay Sievers from the kernel dev team, Apt reaches version 1.0, a look at Planetary Annihilation and Goat Simulator, Francis Maude is "National Cyber Guy" and Fab becomes a TV star
Ubuntu to make Amazon search opt-in, the open graphics driver for the Raspberry Pi is done, Red Hat makes more money, Microsoft signs a patent cross-licensing agreement with Dell and Karen Sandler steps down as GNOME Foundation Executive Director
Facebook buys Oculus VR, Reddit buys a NASCAR for Dogecoin, Brendan Eich becomes Mozilla CEO and angers the gays, Linux Mint names get even weirder and Microsoft reads your email
We interview the makers of Habit RPG, the Typo3 community gets upset with Fab, Operation Windigo, the Replicant developers find a "backdoor", Full Disclosure shuts down, Tim Berners-Lee “never expected all these cats“, GOG.com promises Linux support, Microsoft rumoured to acquire Xamarin and Shuttleworth ...
The Gooseberry Project, the Retro Encabulator, the real Satoshi Nakamoto, Valve open sources a Direct3D-to-OpenGL converter, Cryengine to get Linux support, an Android app tip and Fab pisses himself with laughter
All the 'buntu betas for 14.04 LTS are out except for the actual Ubuntu, Portal 2 beta for Linux, GitHub releases a text editor and its not open source, Mt.Gox is bankrupt, German email providers declare adblockers are malware, Munich to switch to MyKolab and open source graphics might be coming to the ...
Facebook buys WhatsApp, Apple goes to fail, Sailfish OS 1.0, CyanogenMod unified builds and Ubuntu is ditching the global menu
Ubuntu switches to systemd, Mozilla now putting ads in Firefox, LiMux now an election topic in Munich, Plan 9 now GPLed, more Fritzbox hack news, John McAfee is back and a new friendship between GCC and LLVM?
We recap everything that happened in the six weeks that we were off the air and also bring you up to speed on what we've been up to in the meantime
In the last episode for 2013 we recap our year and the most important stories and we cast an eye forward to what 2014 might bring
RHEL 7 beta, Fedora 20, LG TVs stop spying on their users, WordPress 3.8, Shuttleworth says “someone” will built an Ubuntu phone and the LiMux migration is complete
The legality of porn streaming in Germany, Linux Voice gets funded, CyanogenMod now with TextSecure, Android 4.4.2, Dogecoin, Valve joins the Linux Foundation and Microsoft's FAT patent once gain gets killed in Germany
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