Linux Outlaws: Episodes

Ubuntu to make Amazon search opt-in, the open graphics driver for the Raspberry Pi is done, Red Hat makes more money, Microsoft signs a patent cross-licensing agreement with Dell and Karen Sandler steps down as GNOME Foundation Executive Director
Facebook buys Oculus VR, Reddit buys a NASCAR for Dogecoin, Brendan Eich becomes Mozilla CEO and angers the gays, Linux Mint names get even weirder and Microsoft reads your email
We interview the makers of Habit RPG, the Typo3 community gets upset with Fab, Operation Windigo, the Replicant developers find a "backdoor", Full Disclosure shuts down, Tim Berners-Lee “never expected all these cats“, GOG.com promises Linux support, Microsoft rumoured to acquire Xamarin and Shuttleworth ...
The Gooseberry Project, the Retro Encabulator, the real Satoshi Nakamoto, Valve open sources a Direct3D-to-OpenGL converter, Cryengine to get Linux support, an Android app tip and Fab pisses himself with laughter
All the 'buntu betas for 14.04 LTS are out except for the actual Ubuntu, Portal 2 beta for Linux, GitHub releases a text editor and its not open source, Mt.Gox is bankrupt, German email providers declare adblockers are malware, Munich to switch to MyKolab and open source graphics might be coming to the ...
Facebook buys WhatsApp, Apple goes to fail, Sailfish OS 1.0, CyanogenMod unified builds and Ubuntu is ditching the global menu
Ubuntu switches to systemd, Mozilla now putting ads in Firefox, LiMux now an election topic in Munich, Plan 9 now GPLed, more Fritzbox hack news, John McAfee is back and a new friendship between GCC and LLVM?
We recap everything that happened in the six weeks that we were off the air and also bring you up to speed on what we've been up to in the meantime
In the last episode for 2013 we recap our year and the most important stories and we cast an eye forward to what 2014 might bring
RHEL 7 beta, Fedora 20, LG TVs stop spying on their users, WordPress 3.8, Shuttleworth says “someone” will built an Ubuntu phone and the LiMux migration is complete
The legality of porn streaming in Germany, Linux Voice gets funded, CyanogenMod now with TextSecure, Android 4.4.2, Dogecoin, Valve joins the Linux Foundation and Microsoft's FAT patent once gain gets killed in Germany
Drupal vulnerabilities, Linux Mint 16, Amazon drones, Google kicks the CyanogenMod installer out of the Play Store, the first Jolla phones and, as usual, a lot of good-hearted banter
LG Smart TVs are spying on users, Newegg loses RC4 patent fight, Wolfram Language and Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi for free, Darwin ported to ARM and Stallman wants WYSIWG Emacs
Mobile Pwn2Own, vBulletin.com hack, openSUSE 13.1, Mint 16 RC, the Mint update controversy, Nftables now in the kernel, the first Tizen device, why we don't have an Opus feed, DuckDuckGo and HTML5 watermarks (again)
Fedora turns 10, Canonical tries to censor a website, Super Meat Boy on Linux, GIMP leaves Sourceforge, some changes to our website, Fab wrote a big story in c't about Bitcoin, Weltnetzsuchantrieb, an OpenSSH security issue and Silk Road is back
The 5th of November, Pi Streamer, BadBIOS, Dark Mail, NIST backpaddles, OpenBSD 5.4, Metro: Last Light on Linux, Xfce to become standard for Debian Jessie, manifesto for ubiquitous encryption on the XMPP network and John McEnroe
Ender's Game, Steel Rain, #Merkelphone, PHP.net used to spread malware, TrueCrypt Windows binaries correspond with the source, watermarks in HTML5 and Mark Shuttleworth wins a Big Brother Award
Dan's OggCamp 13 recap, Fab has his first big article published in print, Ubuntu 13.10 is released, Mark Shuttleworth picks another fight, Oracle recommends the DoD shouldn’t use open source, CyanogenMod Pro, the TrueCrypt audit and we learn who Kibo is
Android encryption problems, Xserver bug fixed after 20 years, the FBI shuts down The Silk Road, Cinnamon 2.0, SteamOS, Steam Machines, Mozilla and Google retire NPAPI and Puppy Linux founder Barry Kauler resigns
Settle in for a massively long show as we recap the Linux and security news of the last month or two
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