Linux Outlaws: Episodes

Off to OggCamp!
Freenode hacked, Red Hat loses their CTO, HP buys Eucalyptus, Suse gets bought as well, open source and open data news from Hamburg, Munich and Turin, Minix 3.3.0 and vulnerabilities in AOSP and Enigmail
Compromised Linux servers, WordPress 4.0, CommonMark, Microsoft Azure embraces Docker, people call for Dan to take his clothes off and Fab gets into fights with feminists
New versions of Git, KDE and Calibre with few features, a release of Kolab.org with the most features of all time, Discourse 1.0 is out, the PlayStation Network is hacked again, Linus still wants the desktop and LMDE moves to Debian Stable
The Internet is being attacked by sharks, the US is in disarray over police shootings, the BND has been spying on Turkey, a new Ghost version is released, Munich might go back to Windows, Microsoft pulls the plug on a Windows update and Assange might leave the embassy soon
Knoppix 7.4, the Pwnie Awards, Drupal and WordPress vulnerabilities, another Unity lock screen bug, the next generation OpenGL, Qt will become its own company and details on the GCC and LLVM collaboration
A new Linux Kernel release, XBMC changes its name, Signal, Freshcode, Hackers steal plans for Israel's Iron Dome, attacks against Tor, FakeID, BadUSB and some Mozilla news
Typecasting, Broforce, Drupal releases, vulnerabilities in Tor, TAILS and Cisco modems, Linus vs. GCC, Linux comes to GOG.com, and PHP 6 or 7?
MH17, Debian 7.6, FreeBSD 9.3, CNET hacked, Project Zero, LiMux under fire, Mozilla improves JPEG encoding, Systemd boycotts and Linus on a treadmill
Germany wins the World Cup, CentOS 7 is released, LibreSSL is now available on Linux, the Raspberry Pi Model B+, the realtime kernel lacks financial support, Samsung delays their Tizen phone again and Microsoft distrusts India's national CA
Germany is gearing up to win the World Cup and we have two weeks of news to catch up on: The US/German spying scandal, a new release of Blender, the 3.14 longterm kernel, OpenSSL's post-Heartbleed roadmap, the LZO/LZ4 vulnerability, XKeyscore filter rules, the Blackphone and more...
Amazon's Fire Phone, Google I/O, Android 4.4.4, TrueCrypt developer dashes hopes for a fork, X turns 30, Keybase.io, BoringSSL, Opera 24 for Linux and US student gets stuck in giant German vagina
Civilization V on Linux, a TrueCrypt successor from a German company, the Chinese government reveals Microsoft’s Android patents, RHEL 7, Node.js drops its CLA, Firefox 30, Towelroot, secret trials in the UK, the FBI and the Stratfor hack and World Cup updates
A new Fedora Project Leader, TrueCrypt goes away, Open data for the European elections, Dwarf Fortress will get updated soon, some weird news and OggCamp is back
Cloud news, Ubuntu bondage, Steam in-house streaming, the POSReady registry hack for XP updates, Die Partei intends to "milk the EU", the White House mistakenly outs the CIA Station Chief in Kabul and a number of open source releases
Robyn Bergeron and Jono Bacon quit their jobs, Martin Bacon's coffee powered car, Canonical's new cloud, Novena laptop goes to production, China bans Windows 8 from government computers and an open source crypto chip
Oracle vs. Google, the right to be forgotten, hate speech laws, Firefox ads, security vulnerabilities in Samsung's NX300 camera, Unreal Tournament 4 and a number of open source releases
Net neutrality, PayPal exec goes full douchebag, the Dogecar in action, Firefox 29, OpenBSD fixes the year 2038 problem, Ubuntu lock screen bugs, GitHub things and a Minecraft war between the US and Denmark
The Utopic Unicorn beckons, the Linux Foundation has organised millions to fund critical software, ISC ends the development of BIND 10, the Banana Pi wants to take on the Raspberry Pi and the Neatgear port 32764 backdoor is back
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, OpenSSL gets forked, HTTPS is fucked anyway, the first part of the TrueCrypt audit is complete, Mozilla gets an iCEO, Lucas Nussbaum to remain DPL, Mt.Gox gives up, the sale of Nokia to Microsoft is complete and Fab gets married
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