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LimeBlog #61 :: Another installment of random $@&!. This time, not in chronological order. Just to screw with you more! Download ::HD [1280x720] iPhone/iPod Touch/Apple TV/PS3 [848x480] External Sites ::Vimeo [HD Version]Blip.TV YouTube FaceBook iTunes
Video clips from September 8th 2009 events from street and crowd level at Oprah's 24th Season Kickoff Party on Michigan Avenue here in Chicago. Included are Oprah, the Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Hudson and James Taylor.
LimeBlog #59 :: One event leads to another. My hamster, Dres, passed away 3 years ago. As a normal practice, he was placed in the freezer until I could bury him properly. However, time passed and the burying process was forgotten about except when getting a ice cube from the freezer. Three years later, an [...]
LimeBlog #58 :: Random. Random clips from over the past 6 months. I’m in a creative slump yet still wanted to do something. Micro memory extensions for me, at the least. Collectively, doesn’t really encapsulate the deranged events of what really happened over the past 6 months. Only I can ...
LimeBlog #57 :: 8 years after visiting Hawaii, I finally get to take a real vacation again! This time it was with the Carnival cruise line on the Fantasy from New Orleans to Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico. The 5 day vacation was problem free and well worth the wait. Special thanks to my roommate, Burlian, [...]
LimeBlog #56 :: Tribute video to our dog, Presley, who passed away in August 2008. Lots of memories in video and photos of a very unique dog that had lots of love to share. He was put through a lot over the years by being a inside, then outside and then inside again dog. He [...]
LimeBlog #55 :: A day out of city limits with the boys, picking apples at an apple tree farm in Woodstock, Illinois. Apples and Boys – M4V Format Version [Quicktime 7/iTunes/iPod/Apple TV M4V, H-264 optimized for iPod 640×320 – 4:41 – 57 mb
LimeBlog #54 :: First LimeBlog in HD… and what perfect way to start, with a beautiful flight from Chicago to Traverse City, Michigan. Went to Petoskey to visit my dad and attend my grandmother’s 99th birthday… which frankly is more impressive then man made flying machines! Enjoy the ...
LimeBlog #53 :: Felt like I attended a mini BlissFest, in which I used to attend when I lived in Petoskey, Michigan… except I was still right in the heart of Chicago! For about 3 hours, people from all over the area come to meet at Foster Avenue beach area, once a month, on the [...]
LimeBlog #52 :: A bike, the sun, Chicago lakeshore, an afternoon. This is ‘The Taste of Chicago’ for me. Check back and/or subscribe soon, new videoblogs every other Thursday… ish. Kev! July Afternoon – M4V Format Version [Quicktime 7/iTunes/iPod/Apple TV M4V, H-264 optimized ...
LimeBlog #51 :: Thought I would share a reoccuring thought that has been going through my mind. One of many, however, this one isn’t so pleasant. Tall buildings to skyscrapers, what goes up must come down! Watch this video entry and let me know if you think about the same, though probably not on a [...]
LimeBlog #50 :: I started video blogging 3 years ago this month… almost to the day! So, I say some crap about that and smack my head with my hand. Hamster still in freezer. Next three years more colorful. Does anyone actually read this blurb before watching the video? My next video will be the [...]
Addressing a pet peeve of mine… when people simply can’t say ‘I don’t know’. They beat around the bush and/or pull shit out of their arse, but never can admit that they don’t know something. I pose this question to the fine people on Seesmic, which I also talk about. ...
He is Theadore. Danny plays his first gig in 3 years and reflects. He also reflected on robots and the Power Rangers vs. Voltron but I had to edit that out. Well, gee the video was getting long. Anyway, enjoy some clips from a long awaited fun night! iamtheadore.com
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A recent visit by great college friends, pulled out a funny skit that we shot while in college from my video archives. It was the 1995-1996 school year and we had too much time on our hands! This video is for Paula and Carlin who visited me in February 2008, but would love to share [...]
Having fun with Photobooth one night turned into an artsy fartsy piece of visual poopoo. This is that poopoo! … and there is a classy ending bonus!
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Neon Rice Box – M4V Format Version
[Quicktime 7/iTunes/iPod/Apple ...
Hello there. Just letting you know I’m still around. That’s about all! Simple. Simple. It’s Simple okay?!?

Just A Raw Hello – M4V Format Version
[Quicktime 7/iTunes/iPod/Apple TV M4V, H-264 optimized for iPod
640×320 – 4:47 – 58 mb

YouTube Version
Danny has moved on from hopscotching to now writing a score to an up coming project while cooking salmon at the same. Take a moment out of your busy life to witness this true multitasking miracle in the works. Piano and violin versions are spontaneous experiments from the smell of fish throughout the ...
It’s rare these days to find people of talent as most sit on their arses at the computer all day. So, being that is me, today I introduce Danny the professional hopscotcher and levitator. You. Will. Be. Amazed. Music by IamTheadore.com (which is also Danny).

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Danny The Hopscotcher ...
Special visitor one day while I was working from my lonely home office. I sit in the chair to the right. A special moment without sound, only eyes and jestures. Or was it just two people doing their jobs? Submited as part of the interesting Lumiere project at http://videoblogging.info/lumiere/

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