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<p>Newbie - When and What Time?</p>
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<p>A: 你什么时候去香港?</p>
<p>ni3shen2me5 shi2hou5qu4Xiang1gang3?</p>
<p>When are you going to Hong Kong?</p>
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<p>B: 星期四。</p>
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<p>A: 星期四几点?</p>
<p>xing1qi1si4ji3 ...
<p>Beijing Standard Time - Unique Professions (Part One)</p>
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<p>Qing Wen - 看 You Dig It?</p>
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<p>: 看!</p>
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<p>: 你看!</p>
<p>You look!</p>
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<p>: 快看!</p>
<p>Look quick!</p>
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<p>: 看书</p>
<p>To read a book.</p>
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<p>Newbie - Say It Again, Please</p>
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<p>A: 这三个字念“出租车”。</p>
<p>These three characters are read "chu zu che."</p>
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<p>B: 不好意思,请再说一遍。</p>
<p>Sorry, ...
<p>Beijing Standard Time - The Chinese Athletic System</p>
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<p>Qing Wen - Petty Chicken Idioms</p>
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<p>: 鸡</p>
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<p>: 小肚鸡肠</p>
<p>Petty and miserly.</p>
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<p>: 肚子,肠子</p>
<p>Stomach and intestines.</p>
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<p>: ...
<p>Newbie - Do You Have Any Questions?</p>
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<p>A: 还有问题吗?</p>
<p>Any other questions?</p>
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<p>B: 老师,我有一个问题。</p>
<p>Teacher, I have a question.</p>
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<p>A: ...
<p>Beijing Standard Time - Chinese Wordplay</p>
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<p>Qing Wen - Rules and Regulations</p>
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<p>: 比较客观的</p>
<p>Relatively objective.</p>
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<p>: 改变不了的</p>
<p>Unable to be changed.</p>
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<p>: 自然规律</p>
<p>Laws ...
<p>Newbie - Your Mandarin Is Really Good!</p>
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<p>A: 你的普通话真好。</p>
<p>ni3 de5pu3tong1hua4zhen1hao3。</p>
<p>Your Mandarin is really good.</p>
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<p>B: 哪里哪里。</p>
<p>You flatter me.</p>
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<p>A: 你学了多久?</p>
<p>ni3xue2le5duo1 ...
<p>Newbie - Which Character Is That?</p>
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<p>A: 你叫什么名字?</p>
<p>What's your name?</p>
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<p>B: 我叫“谢雨”。</p>
<p>wo3jiao4“Xie4 Yu3”。</p>
<p>My name is Xie Yu.</p>
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<p>A: 哪个“谢”?哪个“雨”?</p>
<p>na3 ...
<p>Beijing Standard Time - Superstitions and Urban Legends</p>
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<p>Qing Wen - Ferocious Tiger Idioms</p>
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<p>: 成语</p>
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<p>: 跟动物有关的,而且是和老虎有关的。</p>
<p>Ones related to animals, and more ...
<p>Newbie - What Does This Word Mean?</p>
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<p>A: 老师,这个字怎么念?</p>
<p>lao3shi1,zhe4 ge5zi4zen3me5nian4?</p>
<p>Teacher, how do you read this character?</p>
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<p>B: “huǒ”。</p>
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<p>A: “火”是什么意思?</p>
<p>What ...
<p>Beijing Standard Time - An Insider's Insights into Chinese Tourism</p>
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<p>Qing Wen - Addressing Women</p>
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<p>: 女性,男性</p>
<p>Female, male.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>: 从性别上来说的。</p>
<p>Regarding gender.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>: 女性话题</p>
<p>Female ...
<p>Newbie - Does He Have Children?</p>
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<p>A: 李先生有孩子吗?</p>
<p>Li3 xian1sheng5you3hai2zi5ma5?</p>
<p>Does Mr. Li have kids?</p>
<p> </p>
<p>B: 有。他有两个孩子。</p>
<p>Yes. He has two kids.</p>
<p> ...
<p>Newbie - Which City Do You Like?</p>
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<p>A: 你住在上海吗?</p>
<p>Do you live in Shanghai?</p>
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<p>B: 不是,我住在北京。你呢?</p>
<p>bu4shi4,wo3zhu4zai4Bei3jing1。ni3 ne5?</p>
<p>No, I live in Beijing. ...
<p>Beijing Standard Time - Classical Chinese Weapons</p>
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<p>Qing Wen - Random and Reckless</p>
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<p>: 乱</p>
<p> </p>
<p>: 你的房间很乱。</p>
<p>ni3 de5fang2jian1hen3luan4。</p>
<p>Your room is really messy.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>: 乱说!</p>
<p>luan4 shuo1!</p>
<p> </p>
<p>: ...
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