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Rescheduling of 6/27 show, which ran into technical difficulties. Our guest is Dr. George Phillies, who will be discussing the recent ballot access issues which left him as the LP nominee in NH and Massachusetts.
Tonight at 7:30pm EDT, the ever-controversial self-described "Anarchist Bitch" will appear on LFV Live!

Angela Keaton is, of course, a multi-term elected member of the LNC, and in that capacity has repeatedly exposed the Libertarian National Committee, its inner workings, and its actions and practices, ...
64:00 mins
Michael from Vortex of Freedom will be joining us to discuss libertarian issues. We will be taking call-ins.
A final overview of the LP Convention. Our guests will be LFV contributors Paulie Cannoli, Chris Bennett, and Jeff Wartman.
We will be talking exclusively with Becky Isais, who worked on the Mike Gravel for President campaign. Ms. Isais has previously provided LFV with email proof of her claim that she has not been paid; on this episode, we'll hear the audio proof. Was this just a misunderstanding, or was fraud involved? ...
The first test segment didn't work at all - it said I had no shows scheduled - so I'm going to try another one.
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