Killer Innovations

The purpose of this podcast is to remove the mystery about creativity, innovation, ingenuity and reveal that the creation of ideas is not a trick or gift but instead a skill. A skill that can be learned, a skill that can be practiced and a skill that can be mastered by anyone with any education level. In addition to being the CTO of Hewlett-Packard's (HP) Personal Systems Group, Phil McKinney is recognized, through his worldwide speaking engagements, blog (www.philmckinney.com) and weekly podcast (www.killerinnovations.com) as a leading authority on innovation and its impact on business, industries, economies and society. Ask Silicon Valley has tagged Phil with the title of Mr Innovation while The San Jose Mercury News dubbed him the Chief Seer. CIO Insight named Killer Innovations as a must listen podcast.
Phil shares his experience and expertise in a practice he refers to as paying it forward. The content on his blog and podcast is made available under a Creative Commons License. Follow on twitter: @philmckinney

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