KicK BacK and KooK!

Angela McKeller hosts her weekly radio show that is both fun and practical! Perfect for the most discriminating as well as the inexperienced cook. Ease, affordability, gourmet taste and utilizing practical kitchen gadgets makes this podcast is a great resource for college students, newlyweds and the experienced entertainer or simply to spoil yourself and those you love! With recipes for every occasion, focusing on "waste not, want not", Angela is sure that this show will be a treasured addition to ANY kitchen! Angela McKeller has been having a love affair with the kitchen as long as she can remember. Fortunately, this is an affair that most husbands DREAM of falling victim to! Angela awoke one morning and made the choice that she was no longer going to try to love her work, but instead, figure out how to make a living by doing what she loves! Angela's earliest memory of cooking was with her Great-Grandmother, Mom Buck, at age 3. Every Thursday, Mom Buck would come over and it was the highlight of Angela's week for 18 years! Mom Buck survived the Great Depression and would teach Angela shortcuts for simplifying the cooking process, how to build a meal with ONLY the ingredients in her pantry, cooking on a budget and WITHOUT a recipe! Mom Buck taught Angela that the kitchen is a safe place to escape the stress of the outside world and that it was also a great way to unleash her creativity!

Categories: Gadgets  |  Food  |  Cooking
 |  48 - 66 min. |   Apr 16, 2015 at 03:57 PM39 Episode(s)
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