Keith and The Girl comedy talk show: Episodes

With Lauren Hennessy – Interactive theater; new Bill Cosby accuser; Brian Williams suspended 6 months without pay; Jon Stewart quits The Daily Show; Apple is worth $700 billion; Waze app tells where cops are; weed facility raided due to melted snow; Facebook captures criminals; Bobbi Kristina Brown ...
With Danny Hatch – Miley Cyrus’ bondage film; Bobbi Kristina Brown off life support; Lucas’ personality disorder; Danny sees a psychiatrist; 11-year-old beats 2-month-old to death; lesbian advice; Chemda writes her mom; NBC Nightly News losing viewers; robot vacuum attacks woman
2015 Grammy Awards; Iggy Azalea vs. Papa John's; God speaks to Katy Perry; ex-intern Lucas vs. KATG; listener Enunciated Piffle scares Keith
With Saurin Choksi – The punishment of a DUI; getting revenge on old landlords; Brian Williams caught in more lies; Bruce Jenner’s deadly car accident; a man walks 21 miles a day for work; 57th Annual Grammy Award nominees
With Dana Rossi – Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks; Keith’s home alone, waiting for 2015 football; Julian Edelman’s candid bed photo; adult incest revisited; Gawker vs. Coca-Cola; Pope Francis (surprisingly?) against gays marrying and adopting; Brian Williams lies about his time in Iraq
With Giulia Rozzi and Will Miles – Interracial dating; how to not get on television; Keith reviews The Interview; party etiquette; grocery store etiquette; Paris Hilton’s out-of-control brother; Bobbi Kristina Brown’s lover thrown out of hospital; Suge Knight’s murderous hit and run; Marisa Tomei’s ...
With Sasheer Zamata – How to host a party; platonic family lip-kissing; having an all-nude household; working for Saturday Night Live; Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and lip-syncing the halftime show revisited; Randy Quaid’s sex video; KATG vs. NYC’S MTA; being the mistress
With Eric Schaeffer – Boy Meets Girl; failing suicide; dating as a celebrity; being a cab driver; Groundhog Day; Super Bowl XLIX, related conspiracies, Katy Perry’s halftime show, and the million-dollar commercials; Johnny “Football” Manziel enters rehab; the fakeness of pageants; Bobbi Kristina ...
The 57-Hour Marathon; Keith vs. the medical community; gearing up for the Super Bowl; Miss USA; Mick Foley cheats in a chicken wing eating contest; pitchman Vince Offer’s new product InVINCEable; Sam Smith vs. Tom Petty; Whitney Houston’s daughter unconscious in bathtub; Heidi Montag’s dad arrested ...
With Taylor Ketchum – Comics on Tinder; Taylor’s final break-up; comparing real life to Boyhood; New England Patriots deny football tampering
With Justy Dodge – Willow Smith’s titty shirt; the legality of adult incest; misspelled tattoos; dating the Cannibal Cop; Justy’s new boyfriend; therapy; Boyhood
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With Nick Maritato – Comics dating comics; Girl Meets World; eating alone in public; Chemda’s wedding countdown; 17-year-old girl happily loses her virginity to her father; the Cannibal Cop joins dating sites; STFU SOTU; Whiplash review; American Sniper’s Chris Kyle was a chronic liar; 2015 Academy ...
With Jessica Watkins – Jessica walks America; Selfiegate hate mail; Comedy Central to roast Justin Bieber
With Jackie Kashian – Booking the 57-Hour Marathon; stand-up comedy in Hong Kong; ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com; how to end bed bugs; Selfiegate; AFC and NFC championship games; Keith vs. Xbox support; 17-year-old fake doctor; 5-year-old receives invoice for skipping out on a party; smoking weed in LA vs. NYC
Scarlett Johannson uses Keith’s made up word ‘Brumski’ in correct context; Chemda’s wedding dress; In Touch magazine photoshops Bruce Jenner as a woman; women playing football with men; terrorists caught in Europe; the all-white Academy Awards and reviews of Birdman, American Sniper, and Taken ...
With Lenny Marcus – Keith’s MRI denied; Selma doesn’t include actual MLK speeches; the Golden Raspberry Awards; bad parenting, bad teachers, and inappropriate 18-year-olds; honeymoon plans
With Paul Hooper – Tinder, OK Cupid, kisses, and massages; how to get the most from your movie pass; trouble on the subway; arresting children; man tapes 94 iPhones to his body to smuggle; Charlie Hebdo’s new magazine cover; ISIS hacks U.S. military accounts
With Katy Olson – Meeting immediate family for the first time as an adult; Super Bowl XLIX predictions; 72nd Golden Globe Awards; Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; French police commissioner shoots himself after meeting terrorist victims
With Michael Khalili and Marisela Arias – Michael and Marisela marry; 2015 resolutions; The Imitation Game and Selma; Rex Ryan to coach the Buffalo Bills; Taylor Negron dies; Bill Cosby jokes about his rapes; Charlie Hebdo; 5 shot at Chris Brown’s party
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