Keith and The Girl comedy talk show: Episodes

With Stephanie Ellis, Lenny Marcus, Matteo Lane, Danny Hatch, and Lauren Hennessy – Ben Affleck’s penis; Duck Dynasty’s homophobia; Stephen Collins revisited; yelling at subway riders; the homeless vs. scam artists; feces on Citi Bikes; dating; Shia LeBeouf scars up his face; Oscar Pistorius was ...
With Betsy Helmuth – Working at Yogi’s; trailer homes; publishers ruining your book; classic interior design flaws; hoarding; Stephen Collins admits he might have blown his son; Gone Girl; Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis births twin girls
With Harry Terjanian – The Andy Kaufman Award; Columbus Day and redskins; being hit on by someone who knows you’re taken; 7-Up pitchman dies; living with your ex-spouse; Nick Cannon covered up his Mariah Carey tattoo; the 7th Heaven pastor father molested underage girls; Ferguson actions unconstitutional
With Danny Hatch - Cuddlr; Marriot blocks your Wi-Fi; Pittsburgh Steelers update; Nick Hogan nudes leaked; Lindsay Lohan drunkenly fights again; Charlie Sheen attacks his dentist with a knife; Randy Quaid still believes the celebrity Illuminati is out to kill him; Lena Dunham wasn’t paying her book ...
LA Podfest 2014; Keith eats Chick-Fil-A; KATG stays next to the theater Fred Willard masturbated in; Keith smokes Willie Nelson’s weed; NYC vs. LA; Will Brother Love’s girl fuck a famous musician?; Ebola; eating cooked dog and sex on your wedding day; Derek Jeter retires; Ben Affleck refuses to wear ...
With Mike Lawrence – Mike gets married; wedding planning; how to swim; leaving negative feedback
With Nick Padilla – Sucking your own penis; baby’s first orgy; eating dog; a teacher’s gun accidentally goes off
With Paul Hooper – Is someone out there for you?; semen makes women happier; born without a cerebellum; hometown pride
With Christy Coffey – The iPhone Wave; growing up in Las Vegas; getting fired as a producer; Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce; BuzzFeed’s transgender video feat. Chemda and Lauren; Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn can see ghosts
With Danny Hatch – Vigilante justice; recharge your phone in a microwave; texting and walking; Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers; climate change; sex in public; cursing on live TV; lawyer Photoshops herself with celebrities
With Michael Khalili – Michelle Obama; the history of The Middle East; the future of India
With Lauren Hennessy – Dealing with your sick loved one; Keith plans his Alaskan cruise; Beyoncé outs Jay-Z; men and women; NYC street performers
With Brandie Posey – The 4th of July; Luis Suarez banned; Rob Ford out of rehab; officiating a wedding; how to survive a bear attack; L.A. muggings
With Katharine Heller – 2014 Stand-Up-Athon winners announced; sleepwalking; teacher-student sex poll results; The Supreme Court’s decision on contraception being covered by employers; Joan Lunden and breast cancer; Bible rhetoric; puppies
Allergies; Meshach Taylor dies; World Cup problems; Waffle House boycotts Belgian waffles; Five Labs; how to use Facebook properly; Maleficent and Transformers 4; Shia LeBeouf arrested at Cabaret; The Purge and Deliver Us from Evil
With Danny Hatch, Jessica Watkins, Michael Khalili, Chris Laker – Pride Day; Team USA advances in the World Cup; the politeness of metal fans; walking across America; teacher-student sex; Keith needs to know everyone’s sexual orientation; Jessica's creepy high school football coach
Tesla the band; playing games with the MTA; Half of Americans distrust atheists
With Billy Wayne Davis – Thinking your significant other has been hurt or killed; Find My Friends; The New York Post vs. The Daily News; the doctor who was drugged and fleeced at a strip club; World Cup update including the soccer player that bites other players; North Korea ready to go to war over ...
With Mara Wilson - Child actors; OCD; Gary Oldman defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin
Greek yogurt is as healthy as a fudge bar; World Cup update; Seth Rogen and James Franco vs. Kim Jong-Un; Tracy Morgan/Ardie Fuqua update; The Central Park Five receive $40 million; bad teachers; KATG visit Philadelphia
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