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Just like I’d never been away
No excuse like a rallying cause, so for the Canadian National Day of Podcasting 2010 – check out the details over at the Canadian Podcast Buffet website, here’s another show
Featured on this show, in order of appearance:
I’ll kill her – Cee-Lo ...
Winnipeg to Eveleth …
Through Kenora, Ontario, a lovely little town. I crossed the border to the good old US of Obama at Port Francis (CAN) to International Falls (US).
Headed to Minneapolis, I stopped for the night in Eveleth, some kind of Lord of the rings sounding town, but for me it was “Lord ...
Medicine Hat to Winnipeg….
Past the World’s Largest Teepee and some real life cowboys. There’s some great music on this show for your delectation. Including:
Starfucker: German Love
An’ Cafe: Kakusei Heroism
Frightened Rabbit: Be Less Rude
And some soul…
Touchy Feelie:
Email ...
So, I decided to drive across Canada from Fernie, BC to Kingston, Ontario for the Podcasters Across Borders Conference 2009. Then I thought… Hey why don’t I use this opportunity to record too? So That’s what I did. Not your usual Kaflooey format, but hopefully still entertaining. As ...
Back in the saddle!
If this is the first kaflooey show for you, I hope you enjoy it. If you’re a regular, dedicated, frustrated listener, sorry for the delay.
Oh yeah, and I apparently lied about Vinny and Bobby being on this show too…

Quick Fire with Howard Juneau
In a new segment to the ...
The Christmas Show 2008!
The show features guest voicy bits from Sage at the QN podcast
and Katherine from Purl Diving
Also, there’s a bit of audio from Ajay of All Axis Radio and myself in Calgary.
Do me a favour and go to his website and bug him to put our a regular show. At the moment he [...]
Made it to 50
Me and my good buddy Mat over at the Hyde Pod Corner Podcast finally managed to team up and create a podtastic show for you – well we think so anyway.

We have a word from a “sponsor”, check in on a MMA Piano Recital and find out why American Football isn’t really [...]
Season 36 is here!
OK, OK, it took a while, but I’m back.
We’ve got a couple of COOL sponsors on this show, and some HOT music – see what I did there?
Our sponsors for the show are: Prison Love, the album and “Coal Dust” – for longer, thicker lashes and whiter teeth.
Music ...
Hey, if you’re here and reading this, then great, you’ll hopefully be interested in a live show I’ll be doing with Ajay from Allaxisradio.com at 20:30 Mountain time May 10 2008.
We’ll be having a ball, and you’re invited.
So, to listen live go to AllAxisRadio.com
You can ...
Marmaduke Quask – He’s a shit Adventurerist.
Just freeforming this one. It’s been a while so I thought I’d let you all know I’m still alive, but busy as hell.
Music included in this show is from the great group Panacea.
Tracks are “Freedom Fries” and “Blade”
Also there’s a great track at the end of ...
Season 3 is here!
And we’re kicking off with the Halloween Special. Featuring “30 Days of Knightrider”, Bobby Gofigure’s Halloween Stars & Advice, and Uncle Vinny and Rupert Thespian in “The Vampire Hunters”
Music on the show:
As usual thanks to Ioda’s Promonet ...
Season 2 finale (finally)…
Things have been really busy for us, what with our little jaunt across the Atlantic to Canada, finding a new house, getting settled etc… etc… but we’ve finally made it and I’ve found time to put together “The immigration show” – ...
It’s looking a bit “monthly” at the moment…
I’ve got a pretty hectic schedule at the moment, with the imminent move to Canada. As an obvious result, the Kaflooey schedule is suffering, but please bear with me, and if you haven’t done so already – check out the ...
And you’re back in the room…
Sorry it’s been a while since that last show – real life and all that.
Tango and Cash are kind enough to kick off the podcast with a Show ID this week.
Bobby Gofigure tries his hand at tarot card reading – using a normal deck of cards
And there’s ...
He’s back
That’s right “Uncle” Vinny Vecchio is back with more mafioso agony uncle advice for yo asses.
I got sponsorship from “Relaxation for tw@s” – top banana! so listen out for a preview of their stuff on the show.
Also there’s a trailer for the new ...
Hey you!
Thanks for listening to the show!
A new segment for the show: Let me take you from behind…the mixing desk. A little insight into what songs were before they were polished into the tunes we know and love/hate today.
On today’s show: “Hot in here” by Nelly

Bobby Gofigure, ...
Things I mention on this show:
Apologies for the long delay between shows. Caused by my life – good and bad (being away and being busy).
We’re heading to Canada (permanently) Oh yes !
Canadian hospitality courtesy of Ajay at allaxisradio.com
Other Calgarian podcasters:
Daryl Cognito, ...
Lazy Cashier number #13
A show ID from The Predator
A “Shit and Pointless” mashup
Aynuk and Ayli flying back from Spain

Powers that be

The Nails:
88 Lines
About 44 Women

Language of a Lady

Universal Hall Pass:

Touchie ...
I talk a little about: drummers, a new the tune, getting Vinny back to where he belongs, Daniel Chesterfield (see my previous post), and some other stuff
All the artists on this show came from Ioda’s promonet:

Out ...
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