: Episodes

<p>A Film-Song by KiNo from the album Corpus Enigma.</p>

<p>10 min. Colour/BW — Made in Istanbul.</p>

<p>KiNo finds himself in Istanbul after deciding to take a break from New York following the invitation of an actress.
<br />Upon arrival, he finds himself on his own. Stranded in a strange land ...
<p>BARB CONCERTO is my first book self-published in 2003.
<br />It consists of four chapters of poetry and prose written between the ages of 17 to 23. </p>

<p>Available in the eBook format:
<br />http://www.poetofsoundandimage.com/releases/barb-concerto.html</p>
<p>Yes, this is a commercial for a book!
<br />Intermittent Lunacy is KiNo's second release available in Ebook format:</p>

<p>Dear friends, </p>

<p>I have just launched a Kickstarter Campaign hoping to fund the next step in my musical life. I would like to record a series of singles and tour in order to maximise my output which has always been hindered by the bermuda triangle of production + time + dependencies on people ...
<p>Poet of Sound and Image KiNo goes to Istanbul to make his first short film with a bunch of eclectic participants: </p>

<p>Starring: Jane Birkin, Ilhan Ersahin, Mustafa Bilgin, Sebnem Donmez, Izzet Uzunhasanoglu, Sinem Yilmaz, Kuzey Yilmaz, Nils Petter Molvaer, Safak Atahan, Selen Cambazoglu, Arto ...
<p>This is my account of what Occupy Wall Street movement is stirring.
<br />Would love to hear your comments.
<br />Justice is always poetic, or not justice at all.</p>

<p>“Poet of Sound and Image KiNo dedicates this episode of Live! to courageous people who take action against the rotten institutions ...
Poet of Sound and Image KiNo presents the new series of Live! A film in episodes.
<p>Poet of Sound and Image KiNo presents a film in episodes: Live!
<br />Documentary of life and collaborations in New Vague City.</p>

<p>This film is dedicated to my friend Ira Cohen who passed away recently; leaving behind a materialised account of the akashic records in his poems, photographs, films ...
<p>The blast off.
<br />KiNo sonic exhibition — Invasion from Within opening party.</p>

<p>KiNo Live special set with the legendary bassman Andy Rourke (The Smiths).</p>
<p>Video Trailer 1 for the upcoming KiNo Exhibition at the World Monuments Fund Gallery — OPENING NIGHT on June 3rd. The Exhibition runs throughout the month with daily live performances by KiNo and 9 different sets of music.</p>

<p>For full schedule of live performances:
<br />poetofsoundandimage.com/​june</p>

<p>9 ...
<p>Logic of this life is the logic of a poem.
<br />Featuring excerpts from an interview with KiNo and his classic answer to the most commonly asked question.
<br />The Poet of Sound and Image KiNo presents a film in episodes: Live!</p>
3:55 mins
<p>A film in episodes by KiNo.
<br />In New Vague City, no one knows the meaning of certitude. </p>

<p>(pronounced liv)</p>
Happy Birthday John.
Video public announcement for the upcoming special live performance – KiNo sings accompanied by piano, featuring the lovely Shahla Atlas.
Music video for the 2010 Ash single Neon. An experiment with still image and your habits of viewing motion, progression and duration. Special thanks to Tim Wheeler as the instigator of this project and to Jennifer Armstrong as the tireless KiNo collaborator.
<h3><span>After 9 months of development the KiNo Live Rig has been completed and installed in its flight case for the upcoming riots.
<br />To see more instances from the production phase <a href="http://www.kinomapoftheuniverse.com/live" target="_blank">click here.</a>
<br /> </span></h3>
0:45 mins
Sonic Wizard Jeff Blenkinsopp explains what to expect from the upcoming KiNo Live presentation and experience.
A photo story about the developments on the KiNo front. You can hear the unearthly sounds we started to make. Sonic wizard Jeff Blenkinsopp and guitarist Alan McSeveney have been collaborating on the software/hardware system that is going to create the sound of Kino Live for the upcoming psychedelic experience.
1:00 mins
KiNo Live is being developed in New York City. One of a kind all custom analogue equipment has been invented by Jeff Blenkinsopp is fully controllable by computer software created by Alan McSeveney who also plays guitars for KiNo. In the band, Justin D. Scott is on keyboards and the legendary drummer ...
4:31 mins

<br />KiNo Live is produced by Jeff Blenkinsopp on custom analogue equipment.
<br />Accompanying KiNo on Rhodesynth Justin D. Scott.
<br />NOTIFIED ABOUT KiNo's CREATIVE MOVEMENTS: SIGN UP: <a href="http://www.kinomapoftheuniverse.com/join" ...
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