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On this week's show, we'll discuss why regret might not always be a bad thing
Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including: Step by step: One man walks across Missouri for a causeMo. lawmakers renew efforts on local
One St. Louis man is walking from Kansas City to St. Louis. He’s walking to share his story about a lifetime struggle with mental illness. His walk aims to
Today Paul Pepper welcomes four members of the Boonslick Chordbusters, known as "The Boone County Hams". Big show coming up this Saturday, but first they
More jobs in Missouri will be available to young adults this summer. Governor Jay Nixon announced the return of the State Parks Youth Corps at the Rock
A U.S. Army plan for possible personnel cuts at forts with more than 8,000 stationed troops could mean removing troops from Fort Leonard Wood in southern
Photo 3: Members of the communities surrounding Fort Leonard Wood gathered Tuesday to discuss the U.S. Army proposal to remove troops from the fort. Under
When the Homestead Act of 1862 made land in the Great Plains virtually free, people rushed in to settle rural Kansas. But 150 years later, the dust has
Making music from the classical repertoire is standard fare for Simone Dinnerstein.
Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including: Army plan would cut as many as 4,000 Ft. Leonard Wood troopsMo. House endorses tax break for gun
Earlier this month, a “Gang of Eight” bipartisan senators introduced an immigration bill that would grant low-skilled immigrant workers the opportunity to
A U.S. Army plan for possible personnel cuts could significantly affect Fort Leonard Wood and the economy in the surrounding area.
This week on the show, we're hearing from Francine Robison and D.J. Fry, two out of the more than 20 cowboy poets and musicians who performed at the 15th
Today Paul Pepper welcomes REBECCA JOHNSON, who was recently inducted into the National Academies of Practice. Rebecca talks about the benefits of having
Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including: Columbia city council to vote on Providence Road improvement plan Mo. workers could keep gun in
Before the American Revolution, before the Civil War, before Lewis and Clark came through here, a huge tree has been standing in central Missouri, growing
The first day of spring doesn’t feel that way as John Sam Williamson and Chris Starbuck meet up on a county road outside Columbia, Mo. Temperatures are
The uphill congressional battle to expand Medicaid in Missouri is making rural hospitals that serve areas with high poverty levels really, really nervous.
Today Paul Pepper welcomes CHRISTINE SEITZ and three singers from Show-Me Opera. They perform "Sweet Be The Winds", from the opera Cosi Fan Tutte by
Missouri social justice advocates are calling for communities to transform energy economies into clean, climate-friendly ones. The organization Coal Free
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