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Episode: Podcast: StoryForward, Episode 008 -- Adrian Hon, Jim Babb & Mur Lafferty 
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<p><em><strong>Note: </strong>J.C.'s<a href="http://jchutchins.net/site/2012/04/04/podcast-interview-with-jordan-weisman-on-shadowrun-returns"> recent conversation with Shadowrun&nbsp;creator Jordan Weisman</a> was re-broadcast at the StoryForward site as episode 007 of that show. This explains the "missing" 007 episode of StoryForward in J.C.'s podcast feed -- it was already published.</em></p><p>In a special roundtable discussion,&nbsp;<a href="http://www.murverse.com/" target="_blank">Mur Lafferty</a>,&nbsp;<a href="http://mssv.net/" target="_blank">Adrian Hon</a>&nbsp;(<a href="http://www.sixtostart.com/" target="_blank">Six to Start</a>) and&nbsp;<a href="http://trouthammer.com/" target="_blank">Jim Babb</a>&nbsp;(<a href="http://awkwardhug.com/" target="_blank">Awkward Hug</a>) join hosts J.C. Hutchins and Steve Peters as they talk about their recent Kickstarter campaigns.</p><p>If you’re in the midst of, or thinking about, starting a Kickstarter campaign for your creative project,&nbsp;you won’t want to miss this episode. Best practices and great advice abound!</p><p>Links mentioned in this episode:</p><ul>
<li><a href="http://penny-arcade.com/report/editorial-article/the-ugly-side-of-kickstarter-why-the-risks-in-backing-gaming-campaigns-are-" target="_blank">The Ugly Side of Kickstarter</a></li>

<a href="http://media.blubrry.com/storyforward/p/www.storyforwardpodcast.com/content/StoryForward_008.mp3" target="_blank">Download StoryForward, Episode 8</a>
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