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Episode: Music: 7th Son - The Soundtrack 
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<p>Early last month, I traveled from my Denver home to Rhode Island to meet <strong><a href="http://twitter.com/#!/toa_of_pi">Brandon Winrich</a></strong>, a&nbsp;music composition major&nbsp;at the&nbsp;University of Rhode Island. It was the conclusion of a remarkable artistic journey for him, and was a life-changing day for me -- a day three years in the making.
In 2008, Brandon contacted me, asking for permission to compose orchestral music inspired by my <em>7th Son</em>&nbsp;sci-fi thriller novel trilogy. As a lifelong fan of classical music, I was humbled and delighted ... and I gave Brandon the green light without reservation.</p><p>The following year, Brandon composed and helped perform <em><a href="http://jchutchins.net/site/2009/06/10/fan-created-music-7th-son-movement-1-descent">Movement 1: Descent</a>,&nbsp;</em>a 6:45 song&nbsp;inspired by the events in the first <em>7th Son</em>&nbsp;novel. This was part of a project for his musical studies. In 2010, he paid similar homage to <em>Deceit </em>with another public performance. But this year, for his third and final <em>7th Son-</em>inspired composition (and senior recital), Brandon emailed and asked if I might personally attend the live performance of movements 1 and 2 ... and a first-ever performance of <em>Movement 3: Destruction</em>. The trilogy of songs would be played by 10 musicians, and conducted by a URI graduate.</p><p>I booked the flight that night.</p><p>The audio file at the end of this post is a recording of that live performance. Click play, and you'll hear the work of a talented young man embarking on what can only be an incredibly successful artistic career. I am deeply touched and honored that anyone would be so inspired by my work to create something so compelling. I'm grateful Brandon allowed me to freely share this recording with you.</p><p>Here is a guide of the <em>7th Son</em>&nbsp;<em>Trilogy</em> scenes Brandon re-created in this 25-minute performance. Note that movements -- each named after <em>7th Son </em>novels -- are introduced by a long note played by horns ... the very <em>hmmmmm</em>&nbsp;"scene change" sound heard in the <em>7th Son </em>podcast novels.</p><p><span><em>7th Son, Movement 1: Descent</em> is comprised of 8 sections:</span></p><ol>
<li>"The president of the United States is dead.&nbsp; He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy."</li>
<li>A Former Life</li>
<li>Send in the Clones</li>
<li>Descent / The Womb</li>
<li>Contacting the Outside</li>
<li>Following Alpha's Trail / "I Comply" / Hacking the CDC</li>
<li>Showdown at Folie à Deux</li>
<li>"It's Never Over"</li>
</ol><p><span><em>7th Son, Movement 2: Deceit</em> is comprised of 8 sections:</span></p><ol>
<li>John Alpha(s) and Special(k)</li>
<li>Homecoming / To the Fallen</li>
<li>Alert Status 1: Lockdown</li>
<li>The Proto Womb</li>
<li>Hack Back</li>
<li>Prime Time</li>
<li>Escape from Prophecy, Texas</li>
<li>Wild Card / Tanker Chase / The Fifth Wheel</li>
</ol><p><span><em>7th Son, Movement 3: Destruction</em> is comprised of 12 sections:</span></p><ol>
<li>760 United Nations Plaza</li>
<li>The Cavalry Arrives</li>
<li>A Fateful Ride</li>
<li>The Life and Times of Kilroy 2.0</li>
<li>Return to the 7th Son Facility</li>
<li>Commotion in the Common Room / The Madman's March</li>
<li>The Final Battle</li>
<li>Epilogue – 6 months later</li>
</ol><p>Tomorrow, I'll post a PDF of incredible liner notes, packed with comments and artistic insights written by Brandon himself. He was keen to share his creative commentary with you, and I am delighted to oblige.</p><p>Before I present the recording<em>,</em>&nbsp;I want to introduce you to the 10 musical performers of&nbsp;<em>7th Son: The Soundtrack. </em>The musicians are URI students. The conductor is a URI alum. All are supremely talented.</p><ul>
<li>Geri Muller -- Flute, Piccolo</li>
<li>Theresa Procopio -- Oboe, English Horn</li>
<li>Brandon Winrich -- Clarinet</li>
<li>Charles Larson -- Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone</li>
<li>Chelsea Anderson -- Trumpet</li>
<li>Erin Dawson &amp; Michael Rayner -- Trombone</li>
<li>Benjamin Boisclair, Zachary Friedland &amp; Christopher Vinciguerra -- Percussion</li>
<li>Stephen Grueb -- Conductor</li>
</ul><p>I hope you are as dazzled by this three-movement performance as I was. It's further proof that <em>7th Son</em> fans remain the greatest fans in the world.</p><p><em>--J.C.</em></p>

<a href="http://traffic.libsyn.com/jchutchins/7th_Son__The_Soundtrack.mp3" target="_blank">Download the Soundtrack</a>
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