Irish Side Of The Moon: Episodes

Rick Simpson on Hemp / Marijuana
Michael Cremo on Forbidden Archeology
Patrick J. Kelly on Free-Energy Devices
John Virapen - Confessions of a Pharma-Insider
Walter Graham speaking on Flouride and related health concerns.
Lynne Kitei on The Phoenix Lights
Marc Seifer
Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project
Ryan Stewart of 'VRT - IT'S ILLEGAL - ABOLISH IT NOW!!!'; and
Robert Verkerk of 'Alliance for Natural Health'
Walter Graham on phones, wi-fi, health concerns
James Follett on Global Warming
Peter Lindemann on Free Energy (Energy Conservation)
John Taylor Gatto on Education
Michael Coffman on Global Warming
Dr. Rebecca Carley on Health/Disease
Freddy Silva on Crop Circles
Thomas H. Greco, Jr. on Reinventing Money
Gregg Braden on Fractal Time
Steven Ross. Keith Roberts.
Adele Ross. Darius Dinshah.
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