ID of the Month: ABC Local Radio: Episodes

Trevor Chappell makes radio for the night owls – shift workers, insomniacs, the mum and dads who are up with the baby, and everyone else who enjoys the night hours. In the wee hours, he's there keeping us entertained, informed and engaged - and showing that just because it's 4.00am doesn't mean that ...
Like everyone else of her generation, Margaret Pomeranz's passion for the movies began with the Saturday matinees. "I was an only child and movies connected me enormously with other peoples' lives and worlds, and this became important from a very early stage of my life."
He describes himself as "the luckiest kid on the block", and after nearly 40 years in showbusiness, Johnny Young still marvels at his ability to keep in the public eye. In a competitive industry that sees 90 per cent of aspirants unemployed, he attributes his success to being in the right place at the right time.
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