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Episode: EPISODE 253 - From The Hip (lost in the woods edition) 
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In June of 2012 two horror geeks disappeared in the woods near Kingston, Ontario, while recording a podcast...
A year later their footage was found.

okay, so maybe that's not true but we did get lost. This week we put together a true From the Hip edition of the show that started out as an on location recording on the waterfront and became a travelogue of the day's activities.

With Tony back, we do some catching up covering a variety of subjects including recent watches of Phantom of
the Paradise, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Piranha 3DD, and... Prometheus. Things got a little spicy with that one. A variety of housekeeping topics are sprinkled in including the ongoing callout for Book Club submissions and a thank you for the response to graphic novel recommendations (we've got some thoughts on Batman: Knightfall and Kingdom Come). Tony's travel highlights, thoughts on the Amazon Kindle, Ted's moving violation story, a slasher inspired schlock corner, and a whole lot more keep the conversation going.

We hope you enjoy this old school edition of the From the Hip format and consider watching some Hellraiser
movies (just a suggestion).

As always we welcome your comments: horroretc@gmail.com
Voicemail (206) 337-5324
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